China Unveils The iSec, Its First Game Console

China Unveils The iSec, Its First Game Console

China is closed off to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s consoles, meaning the first console available for sale in that country – aside from the knockoffs, of course – will be home grown. Today the iSec, renamed from the “eBox” announced last year, was unveiled.

Made by a Beijing company that’s funded by Lenovo – China’s largest PC maker and a very recognisable brand in the west – the iSec uses motion-sensing technology similar to Kinect, and many of the launch games demonstrated focused on exercise. Other titles shown were sports and adventure titles involving skateboarding and monster-fighting. It doubles as a Karaoke machine.

The iSec’s games are being developed by studios in China, North America and Europe. The console’s maker, Eedoo Technology, says it will consider selling the unit overseas after it sells one million units in China. The iSec’s price was not disclosed.

Lenovo-backed Video Game System Unveiled in China [PC World]


  • It’s funny when IT/Entertainment companies don’t seem to realize that the lowercase “i” at the start of a product name denotes “Apple”, not “Computer related”.

    • Except it doesn’t. Plenty of other companies have used the lowercase i prefix before the iMac, and continue to do so.

    • It might denote ‘Apple’ to some people, but not necessarily everyone. I’m sure I read somewhere that Apple tried to trademark the ‘i’ prefix but this was knocked back, so it’s certainly not a formal/legal identifier.

    • Actually stands for “information”. Like the little ‘e’ at the front of things stands for electronic. Apple didn’t create it, they just happened to use it on a product that millions of people bought, used and added to their vernacular.

      • actually.. the i is supposed to stand for interactive. i remember seeing a documentary about it on discovery channel a few years before the imac got released. this was during the PC technology boom (almost reaching 1Ghz processor power)

  • “iSec!”

    Yes, indeed you DO.

    (Picture that quote with a New Zealand accent if you don’t get it.)

  • “i” doesnt denote Apple only the fanboys think that. heaps of products used that before apple

  • Strangely enough I find my self really interested to see how well this does. I wonder what the specs are?

  • I have little faith for this machine.

    Also, didn’t the MP3 brand iRiver do ‘i’ before Apple?

  • This isn’t the first console in China. My girlfriend grew up in China, happily playing Contra and Mario Bros on her Famicom. It was very popular there in the 1980s, just as the NES was here.

    Maybe it was a grey import, but if it was, there were an awful lot of them imported. All her friends remember them as well, and the games were available in the big department stores.

    Then, more recently, iQue sold localised versions of Nintendo’s consoles.

    Nintendo has a long history in China. Mario is just as familiar to Chinese gamers as he is to Western ones.

  • @Marlor the Famicom was the name of the NES in China and Japan, it was exactly the same. It was just marketed with a different name.

  • Uh, I don’t think these will be playing games like our consoles do, Knowing China, I think they will be for punishment, and/or helping train kids/youths into soldiers etc lol

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