City Of Heroes Dragged Kicking And Screaming Into Steampunk Age

Steampunk: it's everywhere you want to be, especially if the place you want to be is Paragon City circa June 1, 2011, when the City of Heroes Steampunk pack goes live.

Are you sick of Steampunk yet? There'll be nowhere in the City of Heroes or City of Villains to escape it come the first of next month. The City of Heroes Steampunk Pack is $US9.99 worth of new costume parts, emotes, auras, and powers meant to transform your colourful superhero experience into a dismal wonderland of brown with beige accents.

First comes the costume pieces. The pack features more than 60 new parts including heads, hairstyles, chests, belts, legs, boots, weapons, wings, and a City of Heroes first, backpacks. All of these fanciful new accoutrements aimed at making your victor a bit more Victorian.

Along with the backpacks comes a new travel power, the Steam Jump, when you absolutely, positively have to get there with the seat of your pants soaked with water.

Capping off the rusty bronze package are a pair of new auras, Victorian Décor and the Clunker Aura, the latter of which leaves a trail of oil and gears wherever your hero or villain travels, like a strange biomechanical slug.

Strap on your goggles and try to keep your random metal bits from tearing your vintage clothing, heroes. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


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