Comics And Gaming Collide In Square Enix's Imaginary Range

The iPhone and iPad are great for reading comics. The iPhone and iPad are great for playing games. Square Enix taps top talent to combine the two in Imaginary Range, a new sort of interactive comic available free in the iTunes App Store.

Imaginary Range is a digital comic with a difference. Written by Souki Tsukishima, author of the novel Emeth: Ningyo-tsukai no Shima, with art by Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles character designer Toshiyuki Itahana, it tells the story of a bizarre couple named Cid and Ciela as they attempt to save France from a mysterious menace known as Omega.

You don't just read the story, however. You play it as well.

Interspersed throughout the comic are mini-games that bring the reader deeper into the story. The reader might find themselves tasked with directing missiles at an enemy's weak spot, or finding hidden objects necessary to fuel Cid and Ciela's strange powers. Once the story is finished the mini-games are unlocked for anytime play, and coins won in those games can be used to unlock gallery images.

The art is stunning, the games entertaining enough, and the price tag is perfect. Check out Imaginary Range for free on the iTunes App Store.


    Cheers for uploading this; looks like it will be a fun addition to my ipod.

    This sounds amazing, but Android, Squeenix. It exists.

      Bloody great game and comic, can't wait for more...

      It's a free game, it can be made any platform they choose, also there is a greater audience with japan on ios than android so it is no surprise they chose ios and will continue to use ios as their choice platform for mobile games

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