Community Review: Outland

This is a bit risky - considering the fact that Outland is a relatively low key PSN/XBLA release, and considering the fact that no PSN users will have been able to download it, I'm wondering if any of you guys have even had the chance to play it?

Tragically, I haven't. Which is a bit annoying since I've been heavily anticipating its release since I first laid eyes on it. My weekend was spent polishing off Portal 2, and kicking off the co-op portion of the game, so I never got round to getting started.

I'm hoping some of you guys did.

And so, hypothetical players of Outland - is it worth my time? Early reviews seem to be really strong. I'm a huge fan of well-animated, completely polished 2D experiences, and the game looked like it had some interesting mechanics, alongside an amazing sense of scale.

Let us know in the comments below.


    I'll review it on behalf of all PSN users:


      hehehe... I'll review it based on fanboy logic...

      The game is made by Housemarque who previously made the outstanding Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation.

      Seeing as they provided an incredible experience and countless hours of enjoyment, you owe Housemarque more money.

      So give them your money to support them, even if you don't actually play it*.

      * - Do recommend that you do, that is the bonus of buying a game, plus I'm hearing exceptional things about it, getting lots of 8's & 9's across the board.

        These guys are the sort of devs I would like to support, but sadly can't for being a mostly PC gamer. If they did Steam releases I'd be all over both this and SSHD, but for now my only option is to drool forlornly over gameplay videos and trailers on Youtube >.<

    I have, and it is, as reviews suggested, a bit special. A curious collision of genres, at times feeling like a crazy japanese SHMUP in the mould of Ikaruga, at other times feeling like a traditional platformer ala Metroid, with a stylish design aesthetic that comes across like the love child of Limbo and Okami. It controls well, provides some stiff challenge (particularly in boss fights (I'm about half way through I reckon and it's taken me four or five hours so far)) and looks a treat. Definitely one of the best Live titles I've played this year.

    Got it on 360. Up to the the last level, damn that winged serpent boss was a pain in the arse!! Housemarque should really be applauded for the diverse nature of their releases!! Totally recommend this game very metroidvania!!

    I've played through a decent couple of hours, I love the aesthetics but the graphics do occasionally hinder gameplay (too dark to clearly see some bits), and the gameplay's not as interesting as i'd have hoped. So far it's decent, just nothing amazing. I'll post again if i fall in love with it before the end or give up in frustration.

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