CONFIRMED: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

CONFIRMED: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

Twitter is freaking out right now over news that Osama bin Laden is dead. Jill Jackson, a producer for CBS News, seems to have broken the story on her feed. President Obama has called a news conference…Developing.… [Gawker]


    • I take back my comment.

      This story is worth it on any site purely for the comments that have ensued and left me PMSL.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if there were websites dedicated to news for these “video games”?

    • That’s because the Transformers live-action movie series has been an abomination to both geekery and film since the start, and no one wants to talk about it.

  • For this to appear on Kotaku just shows you how much this means to everyone around the world.

    • Hahaha, no… just a small subset of readers… i.e. one country in particular… the rest of the world, most of us don’t really give a f…

        • Bullshit, I’m completely with this guy. You’re comment just showed how ignorant you are.

          • Clarify: That you’re with ‘Uncle Avvy’? How’s it ignorant to be content that a world renowned, most wanted in the world man is now dead at the hands of those who were his victims?

            If you’re having a go at Avvy then my mistake, but if not, I think the call of ignorance is a bit backwards…

          • I only just noticed I used you’re instead of your, my mistake.

            Anyway, your comment was yet another ignorant one. How the hell did you even type that without thinking that you’re once again shoving your opinion down someone’s throat?

            I for one didn’t let Osama Bin Laden cause me any discontent after the following week of 9/11.

            You obviously did not understand the use of the word ‘ignorance’. Just to cover all bases; “Ignorance is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge).” I used the word to describe you as person, whom honestly believes that Uncle Avvy was alone in his own belief that only America cares about Osama being dead.

            My group of friends heard about it, we had a good laugh about Osama being the title holder of the consecutive Hide ‘N Seek world champion 2001 – 2011 and went on with what we were doing. You know why? Because we didn’t care. You are ignorant to the rest of the world. I used the word absolutely correctly. Now onto the other word I used. Arrogance, you’ve just given a textbook example. Good job, you’ve just cemented my own and probably a lot of the other people supposedly alone in their opinion.

          • Actually, a Mr Don Roberts from Hinckley, Leicestershire and Mr Francisco Huron, Paraguay hold the world record for hide and seek… 11 years, 2 months, 26 days, 9 hours, 3 minutes, 27 seconds.

            Though I guess it depends on when you count them starting the search for Osama… from 1998? Then I guess he wins. The prize fucking sucked though XD

          • Ignorant is thinking Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11.

            Also Kotaku will we get an article telling us when George Bush is dead? After all he’s responsible for a lot more deaths.

          • Actually, I think he is saying that yeah, a good deal of the population doesn’t really care. Outside “western population” (i.e the US, and maybe the UK… you know, the “real” western civilization) the news will likely be met with apathy.

            I doubt the average person on the streets of St Petersburg would be dancing with joy that “the worlds most wanted” is finally dead.

            Nor would you average citizen in the Jiangxi be thinking “Oh, NOW I can rest safely…”

            Or, even just a small subset of the people at my office, of the 30 odd people polled, one person showed concern. The rest, in their own words (or variations of) responded with “So what?”

            America != the world. Even Western Society (loosely defined), covers a VERY small part of the worlds population (see my post below), so just because maybe 90% of 4.5% of the worlds population is in jubilation due to one mans death, does not mean that the rest of the world is necessarily following suit.

            What is wrong with pointing that out?

            Though I guess Kotaku has gotten a lot of comment/discussion going out of this thread, so either way, it’s page views for them…

          • Just FYI this is pretty big news in Japan as well. A Japanese teacher just told me about it in the teachers room a few minutes ago, and people have been talking about it since

    • Some perspective:

      United States: 4.5% of the worlds population. Add in maybe another 2% for European nations that might give a crap. That is still only 6.5% of the population that might give a rats ass.

      I’d dare say that the rest of 93.5% (plus or minus any who are angered by this) would really feel the same as me… Meh. What ever.

      Todays lesson in perspective brought to you by the letter Apathy.

      • Perhaps you might think about country no.2 on your list there. India.

        They had the Mumbai attacks. While not directly al qaeda they were from Pakistan. I think they might be interested and as this also happens to be the country right next to them. I’m sure Pakistani people would be interested too.

        I think your perspective is a little narrow.

        • Oh, ok… so we add the 17% (which yes, I will concede, you are right, could be added in there)…

          17% + 4.5% (+2% for potential error) is 23.5%… still less than 100%… It’s not even a quarter of the population.

  • This is not gaming news, so why the FUCK is it on a gaming site here you come mr article

    • Theoretically, it could be tied to the Medal of Honour game that came out from Danger Close and DICE.

  • and before people say its big news, sure it is, but i go to smh and for this stuff…

  • Heard this at uni and just tuned into Obama’s press conference. Momentous, historic, crazy news. Feeling a bit stunned.

  • Might as well explain why I let this go through.

    I wasn’t going to write about it because, as some of you guys rightly point out, it’s absolutely nothing to do with games. But when the US guys posted the story I thought, everyone is talking about this, everyone is discussing it – might as well provide a place on Kotaku for gamers to do that.

    So think of this post as your place to discuss it, post stupid gifs, photoshops, etc.

    If you think it’s a bad idea and shouldn’t be here, I totally respect and understand it – just ignore it and go ahead and check out the other content on the site.


    EDIT: This is a major exception. It’s not as though I’ll be allowing any other non-gaming stories through. Totally respect your right to disagree, and feel free to bitch about the decision right here. I don’t mind!

      • I totally understand the backlash – because when I saw the post my first thought was exactly the same.

    • Thanks Mark…

      I don’t mind it, or the weekly Science and Business posts.

      The world is bigger than games dammit.

    • Thanks for ‘splanation Mark.

      I for one don’t mind finding this here, as I haven’t actually read any other news today. I would like Kotaku to be a one-stop shop for everything.

      Mark, can you arrange it so that Kotaku can tell me what all my friends are up to, manage my calendar for me, and do my internet banking for me too? Ooh, and maybe some sort of eBay link-up too? Then I would never, ever, ever leave. 🙂

  • Who is Seth? This is their only post? I don’t get it…

    Anyway, I agree that this isn’t really gaming news, and though you can argue that it is world wide news and so should be covered, it is only going to lead to heated debate about terrorism, america and the war in IRAQ.

    • I’m guessing someone who works for the Gawker parent company in the US, and as Mark mentioned, this is something the US will go nuts over, so I’m guessing this is a global post on all Gawker media outlets.

  • So long as it isn’t a trend, then I don’t mind. This is a pretty big deal after all.

    Just read the link… whats the deal with facebook privacy settings?

    “UPDATE 6: John King confirms his death at 11:15 p.m. E.T., via an official White House memo. It calls for heightened terror alert state. Adjust your Facebook privacy settings accordingly.”

    • That was a comment from the author, the link explains how DoHS provides updates via facebook. Perhaps the author was cynically saying “Block DoHS unless you want to get inundated with “OMFGSECURITYALRTZ!”

  • Wonder which franchise will be the first to make a DLC or mission on this?

    COD? – Task Force 141 / Soap & Ghost takes on Bin Laden in prequel?

    Battlefield? – Probably not… they’re probably too busy working the Iranian Menace angel ATM.

    Medal of Honor 2? Yeah that could probably work… but please use a different engine in Singleplayer..

  • It appears my earlier comment didn’t pass moderation so I’ll say it again:

    Burn in hell motherf***er.

    Is it better now with the “*”?

    And the next crackpot mastermind in Al Queda’s ranks is….

  • How much spare time do you idiots have to whinge about an article on Osama being dead.. Surely there’s better things you could be doing.. Hey, maybe you can start your own website and put whatever you want up there.

  • @ richardsmack
    I know who you are.. Your one of those hood rats who sit in their mothers basements smoking pot and reading up on conspiracy theories all day .. Let me guess it was the Jews? Or was is the American government who orchestrated it?

  • @ richardsmack
    I know who you are.. Your one of those hood rats who sit in their mothers basements smoking pot and reading up on conspiracy theories all day .. Let me guess it was the Jews? Or was is the American government who orchestrated it? The

  • How many innocent people were killed so they could get their hands on him?

    I want to see some real facts, god damn it!

    But seriously, I hope wikileaks can leak the mission that got Osama trash laden.

    That reminds of that one time… I put my deputy principle’s face on Osama Bin ladin, and sent the picture to his house.

    Good times.

  • Posting to agree this story has no real place on Kotaku, especially since it’s being plastered over every corner of the internet already. I assume most gamers read genuine news as well as game news… at least I hope so.

    But mainly it’s just depressing reading comments from people whooping at the news like some kind of July 4th fireworks show, as though another bullet-ridden corpse is somehow going to bring an end to all the violence and conflict.

  • It is gaming news people.. Everyone knows the recent hack on the psn was the US government trying to obtain Osama’s whereabouts via his psn account..dah!

  • great article guys can see you put a lot of effort into this completely irrelevant subject

    • News corp.’s will report just about anything… I care about this news as much as I care about celebrity relationships….. not at all.

  • I’m disappointed to learn that they buried his body at sea. I can understand why, but I reckon they should have had him stuffed and put on display in the Smithsonian. They could have put funny costumes on him to tie in with events like 4th July, Christmas, Hannukah, gay pride week, etc.

  • Oh noes! Call the police! Non gaming related article posted on gaming blog! Lock your doors and hide your children! The world is ending!

  • you guys are insane… giving definitions and shit… how about you go outside and soak up some sunlight… its news, its a news site about gaming im sure kotaku thought it was somehow relevant to Call Of Duty… sigh

  • Tie this back to gaming… It took the US less time to kill OBL than it did to bring out DNF.

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