Controversial Game Brought To Life With Tight Rubber, Nice Lady

Thrill Kill, a violent S&M-themed fighting game, was too much for the PlayStation 1. It's not too much for Metal Gear cosplay queen Omi Gibson.

In her latest photoset, Gibson cosplays as cattle prod-wielding, sexually charged dominatrix Belladonna. The character "accidentally" killed herself with said cattle prod, something echoed in this cosplay.

While the game did allow four players to duke it out at once, publisher EA killed the title, so to speak, prior to its 1998 release; bootleg versions are available online, though.

Besides Metal Gear, Gibson's also done bang-up cosplays for Catherine, among many other titles. This isn't her first tango with fake blood; check out her Cyborg Ninja for more.

地獄で逢いましょ|子供はガマン、黙って寝てろ [子供はガマン、黙って寝てろ]

Top photo: たかさん | 子供はガマン、黙って寝てろ


    Thanks for the nightmares.

    I don't get why you guys keep posting cosplay articles.
    Give it a rest hey?

      It's a Bashcraft article. That's about all he does.

      Bringing the Otaku into Kotaku.

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