Cops Catch Killer Using Bugged Xbox Game

Cops Catch Killer Using Bugged Xbox Game

A teenager has been arrested in Saskatoon, Canada, after he was caught giving a murder confession. How was he caught? The cops bugged an Xbox 360 game.

The boy, who can’t be named because he’s under the age of 18, is accused of murdering 16 year-old Charlotte Jolly in 2009, who was shot with a stolen rifle after an altercation in an alley.

To catch the teenager, local police asked the accused’s uncle to help them out. In exchange for dropping an outstanding drink-driving charge, he agreed to let police bug an Xbox 360 game and plant it in his house.

The uncle then invited the accused over and, after a marathon Guitar Hero session, the boy confessed to the shooting. He’s since been arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Xbox game figures in murder investigation [CBC – Thanks Hayley!]


  • My first reaction to reading this was – Good, little bastard murdered someone, and now he’ll be punished for it.

    My second reaction, only a fraction of a second later was – That uncle is an asshole… and a drunk. The police allowed a potential future vehicular manslaughter-ist walk scott free and all he had to do was sell out his brother’s or sister’s kid.

    Shame the uncle didnt forget the place was bugged while in his Bacardi-addled state, and let slip that his nephew “shouldnt worry about it… he’s run over plenty of people on big nights and nobody ever came knocking on his door.”

  • Bugged xbox game?

    By that they mean bugged console right?

    Like, they didn’t somehow recompile a game with mystical “software microphones” in it so it would record them speaking did they? 😛

  • My comprehension wasnt working too well on my first read through. I read “outstanding” as “very excellent”; not “pre-existing”.

    • “Well done old chap,that was a magnificent display of drink driving, one might even go as far as to say it was outstanding!” Hahaha

  • This just goes to show how hypocritical and unjust law enforcement is … Let someone else get away with a crime in exchange for having else charged for committing a crime. Why should this man not be punished for the same misdemeanor as anyone else? He didn’t do anything noble; he sold out his nephew for his own selfish gain. It’s disgusting.

  • I don’t think there’s enough data to determine what actually happened at face value. The cops would have probably exhausted all other plausible avenues of investigation before taking these steps. Letting someone off a drink driving charge is not a minor thing, so I’m sure they didn’t do it lightly, and I suspect the challenge they faced was that nobody was willing to dob the little prick in.. I applaud the lateral thinking applied by the authorities!

  • Don’t you guys ever watch The Shield? This kinda thing happens all the time.
    Excellent accompanying pic, by the way, gave me a giggle.

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