Cosplay Is All About Beautiful Teamwork

In this week's showcase of the best in cosplay, teamwork is the key word of the day, with two of the better shots involving not one or two fans in costume, but entire video game casts.

Those casts are from BioShock and Final Fantasy XIII, the former showing a motley crew of splicers, the latter the game's heroes looking a lot more relaxed than they do in the game.

There are also amazing pictures of tributes to Assassin's Creed, virtual idol Hatsune Miku and, most impressive of all, Laughing Octopus from Metal Gear Solid 4.

As seen on Zarsu

As seen on Eyes-On-Me.

As seen on tealpirate

As seen on Koi-Cosplay.

As seen on SoCoPhDPepper

As seen on The-Kirana


    Cosplay is cool, but I'm always disappointed by how bright the colours and, and how terribly lightweight the fabrics look. I figure if you're going to go all out and construct a costume, make it 'real' in the sense that Ezio's outfit doesn't look bed-sheet white, nor bed-sheet light. It would be a much heavier woven fabric. La Volpe up there looks to have some velvet on his arm, which is better. This theory may not hold for the Japanese-esque characters where the bright colours really are the point.

    Heh yeah the Assassins Creed dudes look like twigs was my first thought. At least bulk it up a little.

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