Cosplaying Female Wrestler Body-Slammed With Death Threats

Cosplaying Female Wrestler Body-Slammed With Death Threats

At a little over five feet and weighing a mere 110 pounds, twenty-six year-old Moeka Haruhi (above, boot to face) is a star in Japanese women’s pro wrestling. Her anime and game-themed ring gear have made her a fan favourite. But one fan took things too far.

Haruhi is an anime diehard, but has been known to enter the ring to Dragon Quest music. She writes an anime-geared blog, where she also comments on video games and other interests. In women’s wrestling, Haruhi is more of an idol, fan service character. She cosplays in anime-themed outfits and wears colorful “panties” that are flashed during scissor kicks and piledrivers.

A six year veteran, Moeka Haruhi didn’t get her start in wrestling, but in Japanese teen fashion mags. Haruhi is the youngest member of ladies wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Wave, a real life Rumble Roses. Her ring name “Moeka Haruhi” is the otaku equivalent of something like “Candy Delight”, pushing all sorts of cutesy otaku buttons.

News source Kanaroko reports that earlier this week that a 34-year-old unemployed male from Osaka’s Izumiotsu City was arrested after sending threatening emails to Haruhi. “I have to kill you, I won’t forgive you,” he wrote. “I want to kill you.”

This same individual is a member of Haruhi’s fan club and apparently met her at a fan event in November 2009, when he demanded to touch her breasts. Haruhi refused. From then, the suspect repeatedly sent her emails, sending at least 500 emails.

On Haruhi’s blog, there’s a listed email address so fans could get in touch for wrestling tickets. Grass roots promotion like this isn’t uncommon for up-and-coming idols. Groups like AKB48, with their “handshaking events”, are breaking down the wall that separates fans and idols. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes it’s very, very bad.

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