Current Is Currently My Favourite Game

Current Is Currently My Favourite Game

iOS games can be a crap shoot. There are some real diamonds, but a lot of crap. Then, every once in a while, you find a game, and you really get into it. For me, that game is Current.

According to the game’s developer TinkerHouse Games, Current is an “action match game”. That means the goal is to match corresponding Hexog enemies before they respawn and overrun the stage.

The Hexog begin pulsating and flashing as they respawn. It like watching a virus spread, and it’s a race against the clock as you attempt to eradicate them all.

The game looks like a shooter, and it is in that you are shooting. But the controls are touch based. You need to shoot Hexog at matching Hexog. So, for example, you get a Hexog by touching or tapping it, which then loads the Hexog in the ARC ship you pilot. Then you can fire that Hexog back at its corresponding colour.

Enemies can be green, red and blue, each colour having different shapes. There’s chaining, and it’s satisfying to blast through Hexog as they spread through the stage. There have been other matching games, sure, but it’s the way that enemies spread in Current that makes the game compelling.

The music is pulsating, and along with the game’s retro graphics, the game, while barebones, is easy on the eyes – and ears. Current is impressive, and takes advantage of the iPhone’s best features to create a truly interesting game experience. It’s the complete package.

Current for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad [iTunes App Store]

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