Cybernetic Augmentations From Sarif Industries Will Change Your Life

Cybernetic Augmentations From Sarif Industries Will Change Your Life

Sarif Industries: Building better people for a better tomorrow. What could a human augmentation company that’s done so much good possibly have to hide?

This lovely little viral video for Sarif Industries, the fictional biomechanical augmentation company that plays a central role in Deus Ex: Human Revolution leaves my limbs and eyes aching for the promise of a future that might not arrive in my lifetime.

Back in my Shadowrun days I often joked that as soon as cybernetic implants were ready for testing, I’d be first in line for a headjack, connecting me directly to the internet. I’d joke that it would be the first-generation model, soon rendered old and clunky by the sleeker models the kids would be wearing. I wouldn’t mind. Mine would be vintage. Retro. Ten years later it would come back into style, and then who’d be laughing?

I’ve obviously thought a great deal about this subject. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sarif Industries is a hotbed for conspiracy and intrigue. I’m okay with that as well. Shadowy visitors in the middle of the night, kicking down my door? No problem. Just let me have a laser arm for a couple of days, and I can die happy.

Stupid viral video, making me all nostalgic for the future.


  • Now, I haven’t played the game this is based on, so I might be missing something… But surely if they could do this, they could slap a bit of skin over the top to make them look a bit more normal? lol

    The arm/hands creep me out 😛

  • They couldn’t think of a better third example than piano hands? It’s borderline absurd. Beyond better flexibility I can’t imagine what feature could justify the risk, unless the hands are programmed to take control from you and play tunes like a freakish phantom jukebox.

    How many people didn’t immediately think about having a nice hard sarif cock?

    I personally would be curious about getting sarif nipples. They’d be like my own essentially useless nipples, except better!

    • I guess some of us just don’t need Sarif’s help to get a hard cock… 😉

      Unless you’re talking about ‘having’ it in a different way Louis?

  • Strange thought but wouldn’t artificial eyes need to come with some sort of super heavy duty replacement guarantee against dead pixels?

    Imagine that single red dot in the corner of your vision that never goes away, even when you blink or go to sleep.

  • Isn’t anyone concerned about the social implications of this technology?

    There’s this awful trend promoting dehumanization.

    The elite are laughing at us when they reveal the truth in that ad that you will be totally dependent on the system. It’s foolish to give up liberty for neat tricks.

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