David O. Russell Drops Out Of Controversial Uncharted Movie

David O. Russell Drops Out Of Controversial Uncharted Movie

David O. Russell, the acclaimed director of The Fighter and Three Kings whose visions of the Uncharted video game series riled up fans of the PlayStation 3 franchise, is no longer attached to an Uncharted movie, Variety reports.

The Hollywood trade publication states that Russell left the film over “creative differences” and that the studio is looking for a new writer.

We don’t know what those creative differences are, but gaming fans may want to believe that they could be about Russell’s vision for an Uncharted movie having little to do with the fiction of the games that star an in-over-his-head everyman, Nathan Drake, trying to hunt treasure while flirting with attractive women and hanging on to many a precarious ledges.

Earlier this year, Russell had told MTV that he wanted an Uncharted movie to be about “a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities … They’re like the Sopranos in some ways, but they have great taste, and they have a sense of justice.”

He had pictured Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci in supporting roles.

There’s no indication about whether Russell’s departure will alter casting plans or even the notion that the movie will differ greatly from the fiction of the games. We’ll see.

David O. Russell ankles ‘Drake’s Fortune’ [Variety]


  • $20 says that this will never become a movie. just like BioShock will never be a movie, just like Gears of War, just like Metal Gear Solid, will all never be a movie.

    • Why can’t they get the idea? It works WELL as a movie BY ITSELF. Make the gaming parts non-interactive and holy shit! You have a movie! They barely have to change anything at all, besides compressing it into two hours!

  • This movie has been made many times before. It’s called Indianna Jones, and more recently, National Treasure.

  • Just make a feature length movie using the in game engine and voice actors, we don’t need live action ruining it.

    • I would be happy with this.

      The only drawback would be using a story that COULD have become a game, but no matter.

    • Nathan Fillion and whoever Nathan Fillion wants to direct in my book!

      ROFL!! I just went on a google hunt thinking of writers/directors that could make Uncharted work and thought about Sahara purely because of the location and the fact it was “absolutely terrible”

      Apparently the person who wrote Sahara is actually already writing Uncharted haha. So that said… why don’t they just get Breck Eisner? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0252135/

      Make it on the cheap, get an ok return?

  • I read this this morning and did a happy dance.

    Give the director reins to Joss Whedon, he’ll cast Fillion, all will be good with the world!

    • No thanks many other things i’d rather see from whedon, and i don’t think he’d be that necessary here.

      Everything’s already there for the movie, slot Fillion in for Drake. game basically provides the movie as it is.

      Whedon needs to go and make some more Doctor horrible or something else awesome.

  • “a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities … They’re like the Sopranos in some ways, but they have great taste, and they have a sense of justice.”




  • I have never been so happy in my life.
    Now bring on uncharted 3, the more I read about it the more I can’t wait!

  • Do we even need an Uncharted movie? I’d rather be playing the game than watching the movie.

    They’ll never get the movie right. Its just part of Sony’s business plan, anyway. They don’t care if its a decent film. They just want to milk the franchise.

  • This is good news, lets hope the douche bag had a wake up call or someone rubbed his nose in it.

    This guy was one of those ego driven Hollywood types who didn’t have a clue about what he was making a film on.

    Good riddance, these sorts of peeps have no respect for our beloved devs or community.

  • Does anybody remember the Wing Commander movie? That piece of schlok killed the franchise so be careful what you wish for…

    • Except that Cris Roberts directed that himself.

      I understand the point but it’s a big WTF when the creator screws his own baby.

  • Isn’t Uncharted practically an enjoyably crazy action movie anyway? If they’re so desperate to make cash off it they might as well just project the game into cinemas and charge people to watch.

  • Many have said this about him before: I want to make a movie… but I need to draw a crowd, I know I’ll pick hot game X and say this movie is of the game, just a few name changes and it’ll be fine.

    If your not going to stick to the Source material don’t make the movie.

    If I make a Movie about a team of bad arse space Troopers fighting aliens on a planet while trying to rescue a scientist, I don’t just make the leader a woman, call her Samus Aran and name the movie metroid.

    Samus operates mostly solo, she has her distinctive power armour, if she doesn’t wear it, than that’s not metroid. I can’t give the whole team her style armour.

    Now you might forgive me if at the start of the movie the armour is damaged and as it repairs itself it manages to fix and restore abilities. I’d probaly leave out the Morph ball, or make it more like some sort of remote control device for obvious reasons.

    I’d at least have people realise I’ve played the games and am trying to stay as close to the source material but still be realistic. Morph ball is great Game mechanic but not so good in a movie.

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