Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is Day One For OnLive

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is Day One For OnLive

Streaming video game download service OnLive is gathering steam, scoring a big win with a day-one release of the eagerly-anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Don’t have an OnLive console? Don’t worry, one comes free with the Augmented Edition of the game.

For those unaware, OnLive is a service that allows players to play games streamed via the internet. OnLive’s servers power the games, streaming the video of you playing via the internet. It’s an interesting concept, and if you’ve got the internet speed it works quite well.

But to survive and thrive, OnLive needs to be able to offer major titles day and date with their console and PC releases. That’s exactly what they’re doing with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The OnLive version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes in two flavors. There’s the regular edition which can be preordered for $US44.99, and the Augmented Edition, which comes packed with a making-of video, the game soundtrack, a motion comic, and a free OnLive gaming console. It’s a sweet deal for only $US53.99, and players that already own the microconsole will score a free game.

If you’ve got the bandwidth, I’d definitely suggest giving the service a go, especially with Deus Ex: HUman Revolution in the pipeline.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preorder Page [OnLive]


  • sounds like an awesome idea, definately more viable in the future as internet speeds become faster and faster. right now though i think the strain on playing a game streamed off the net might be too much of a strain for some peoples bandwidth

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