Deus Ex: Human Revolution Will Be Steam-Powered

Square Enix partners with Steam for the digital release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution this August, offering a standard version and an Augmented Edition with digital artbook, soundtrack, and a download of the Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition.


    I do not mean to put a downer on things but what is the DRM?

    Yes, I know the article says this is coming from Steam, but there are games on Steam that have additional DRM such as SecuROM, etc.

    Think I might actually grab it from EB though. They've got a few more extras on their version of the Augmented Edition.

    that means it has zero resale value since even boxed retail versions using steam can't be sold second hand without using anti-steam tools.

    So far, Steam is the only DRM that adds value and functionality to a product, instead of removing them.

    If this is the only DRM, colour me happy. You asked for DRM that doesn't gimp your game and you got it. It also sells most games at very good prices, has excellent support, great server support and managed to single handedly save PC gaming in the process.

    Stop whining.

      Steam sucks...It takes days to activate any game,,No matter how fast your internet speed or which site you use is the most annoying SLOWWWW....SLOWWWWWW system ever invented,,,You can tell He worked at microsoft It is as useless as vista...good name for it STEAM VISTA WORKS

    If you are in Oz and you order the Augmented Edition on Steam, do they send you the books and stuff, or do you just not get them?

      You get nothing but frustration with steam

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