Deus Ex Website Hacked, Customer Information Stolen

According to a report on KrebsOnSecurity, the public websites for upcoming sci-fi title Deus Ex: Human Revolution and that of its publisher, Eidos, have been hacked, and a ton of information and code stolen.

Using logs from the alleged culprit's chatroom, KrebsOnSecurity says that among the data lifted were 9000 resumes, personal information from around 80,000 registered fans/users of Deus Ex's website and, most alarmingly for Eidos, there was talk of leaking the "src", which it's speculated could mean the "source" code for the game (though it could also simply be the code for their websites).

What's interesting is that the group responsible seems to be the same one that turned on hacktivist group Anonymous earlier in the week, and in the wake of this attack, has itself splintered, its "members" turning on each other.

Guys, if you want people to think you're anything more than bitchy high school girls with an appetite for destruction, you gotta learn to stick together!

Anonymous Splinter Group Implicated in Game Company Hack [KrebsOnSecurity, via NeoGAF]


    Digital security seems to be winning at the moment..

    Is this a meta-joke moking Sony? I don't know if I can take it seriously, being that Deus Ex has a heavy hacking element to it.


      It sounds like their taking the piss out of the Sony incident.

    I wonder if it were possible to hack in, grab the source code for Deus Ex, change something, then put it back without anybody noticing.

      that would explain Deus Ex 2

        Ba-dum tish. :D

          Deus Ex 2 was great

            But it wasn't Deus Ex enough.

    And now we wait for the Lawyers to come in with their breifcases wanting money.

    Now if it wasn't for the sony hack, I'd be suspicious about this being some kind of promo for Deus Ex.

    Only an idiot leaves source code for a game on a network connected to the internet! No physical line in, no data out.

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