Did They Improve The Ocarina Of Time’s Graphics Enough For You?

Did They Improve The Ocarina Of Time’s Graphics Enough For You?

Here’s a new trailer for the June-scheduled 3DS re-make of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. The graphics have been improved, though my memory already made them look as good as they appear in this new trailer.

Thanks to fans like YouTube user DarkShadowRage2, however, we can do more comparing of the 2011 remake and its 1998 original than we’ve ever done before. Check out DarkShadowRage2’s video, and shame on me for not realizing they’d changed the into that much.


  • Im okay with what they have done with the graphics.. I mean of course it could be better yet but it would have taken a hell load more time and id rather have a new title than this..

    That being said, im sad that they decided not to upgrade the audio quality..

    • Yeah this is pretty much what I thought as well.

      I would have liked it if they resampled all of the audio, just to modernise it a little… (Or maybe I’m just stupid and they have redone all the audio and I just didn’t notice. 😛 Sounds the same to me).

      In any case, I’m looking forward to this game.

  • I appreciate the effort, but as Totilo said, it still looked that good in my memory. I more of a fan of the colours in the sunrise of the original. The new ones are too… Super Mario Sunshine.

    • That’s just nostalgia speaking. Replaying this on VC recently, OoT has definitely NOT aged well, it looks almost unbearably choppy.

      But Majora’s Mask looks a lot better, probably due to the Expansion Pak improvements.

    • I think that they’ve tried to make it match spirit tracks’ art style, and just makes the game look un-serious in comparison to the original games dark awesome look.

  • they were never going to be able to upgrade the visuals as much as i wanted on a handheld.
    i wanted a full HD remake.
    seeing as how thats not possible from nintendo i am glad they went the option to merely restore the game to its former glory by sharpening the edges and generally tidying up.

    That said. wheres my 4 swords. the gba “remake” of LTTP got it all those years ago

  • Without a doubt the textures are of better quality. But i think the slightly duller colours of the original looked more natural. The brighter colours are that little bit more cartoon-y and I start to wonder if the royal family has an army of gardeners to water and manacure Hyrule field.

    My only other problem, and it’s more of a niggling twitch than a problem, is the slightly different camera angles during cut scenes. But I expect thats only realy a problem when viewing them side by side like this.

    Lord Bob is otherwise impressed.

    Oh, and I think the sound track would feel really weird if they updated it. The old version is just too ingrained in my brain to accept change. Seriously, if you map the contours of my frontal lobe you’d probably get the waveform for the song of storms.

  • As said by Bob, textures definitely better, and I actually prefer the lighting (though as also already mentioned, it is definitely more childish in that respect, which is an intentional decision I feel).

    I still cannot be impressed with OoT shovelware though, “HD” versions have never stolen any of my cash for the sake of nostalgia, but I’m sure that I’m not the market of this game which is better described as younger audiences (who’ve never played it) plus huge nostalgia fans.

  • Those primitives are a little too primitive for my taste. We already know the 3DS can do way better than this. It’s disappointing that Nintendo decided to half-ass this, although I’m a little surprised they bothered updating anything.

    The new town models are a given, because the previous town models were pre-rendered, so it would be absolutely senseless for them not to have done anything to the town. I don’t really agree with the color direction, though, and the new textures don’t do much for those low-poly models.

  • I also kind of like the dimness of the lights/colours in the original intro more, seems more melancholy and moody, Link and Epona are virtually silhouettes at first, racing up the hill..the redone intro makes it feel slightly more generic, or something, in comparison. I prefer the feel of the old one (and it fits more with that the music is going for IMO too). But in the screenshots I’ve seen I’ve really appreciated the improvements (although I think I noted one or two people having a similar complaint as mine re: those areas too)…other than that, I also agree that in my memory it always pretty much looked how it does now haha, until you see them side by side. Can’t wait to see how it looks in 3D too though

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