Do You Have Room In Your Heart For One More Zombie Game?

There are too many damn zombie games. But no matter how many there are, if one can come along and offer something new, then it'll get noticed. And Dead Block is getting noticed.

Why? Because it's not just another shooter. Instead, its got as much to do with strategy and cunning as it does reflexes, as your band of survivors has to lay traps and construct defences to keep the undead at bay, not just...shoot at them all the time.

The characters look great (especially Mike, the fat boy scout), and if the trap-setting can stay fresh over the game's various stages, then Dead Block might be worth putting your zombie fatigue on the shelf for one more game.

It'll be out later this year on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    One of these days they're going to run out of words to put after 'Dead'.

      Indeed, and the very last one should be titled "Dead Horse"!

        Dead Horse: The Beating...

        I dunno, what do you think?

      Dead Dead: the Deadening.

        Dead Dead: The Deadening 2, Not Dead enough

    I have room in my heart for an unlimited amount of zombie games providing that they aren't you know, SHIT.

    Unfortunately this one looks really bad to me and I can't be bothered trying it.

    Jesus does that fat kid ever stop eating sandwiches? It's f***ing Om Nom Nom: The Game.

    Sadly no. I dont have any room left in my heart for another game with zombies in it.

    Which is actually a crime to lay at the feet of all the other generic zombie games becase this one looks like it actually has some thought put into it.

    What a shame.

    That fat kid looks like the fat kid from that movie. I think it was called "Fat Kid and the House that Flew with an Old Man also"

    It looks...really bad.
    Graphics are bad, animation looks bad, art style not to my liking, and the traps don't look all that interesting.

    Worst still, it doesn't feel scary at all.

    This looks pretty bad and very kiddy. That art style works well for some things, this isn't it.

    Ah, by the same people that made "Robot that cleans a dirty planet and then makes a friend that looks like it was made by Apple."

    Bad graphics, bad animation, bad voiceover and most of all, a bad version of a completely worn out genre.
    That genre being: kill zombie-reload-kill zombie-move-kill zombie-repeat.

    Stupid fat kid. Maybe I'll play it to see him get taken out right before he finishes his 10,000th sandwich.

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