Does Anyone Love Medal Of Honor THIS Much?

Does Anyone Love Medal Of Honor THIS Much?

Eight discs. Eight. That’s what the complete Medal Of Honor soundtrack collection is shipping on, complete with big fancy packaging and a liner note written by Steven Spielberg.

The featured games run the gamut from the original to last year’s “reboot”, and the whole thing costs $US60.



  • I never found the music from Medal of Honor to be anything special at all.. Why are they going all out like this?

  • Son, I am disappoint.

    I saw the picture and thought it would be the entire MoH series in some fanciful collectors edition.

  • They had some of the greatest themes to come out of a game series, it’s what you’d expect from a high end film.

    It just depends if you appreciate Orchestral Themes.

    Heck I might even buy it.

  • Someone’s milking it for all its worth. Unlike the Blizzard music box set, I found nothing at all memorable about the MoH tunes.

  • all i remember is that the theme to european assault was the same (or very similar) to the theme of uncharted 2…

  • Hmmm the first three are Michael Giacchino right? Before he went off to write the brilliant soundtracks for all seasons of LOST and the movie Up.

  • They are mistaking their fans for Square Enix fans. They’ll buy anything. Medal of Honour fans.. not so much.

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