Donkey Kong Doesn't Have To Do Anything, He's A Gorilla

What's so terrifying about a short Italian plumber that would make an 360kg gorilla flee instead of facing him? As it turns out, absolutely nothing.

Dorkly's latest game-inspired video hits the barrel on the head. Even as a young boy, something struck me as odd about the dynamic between Mario and Donkey Kong. Mario a tiny little man facing off against a creature easily capable of rending him limb-from-limb. Mario, who can be killed by a rolling barrel. Last time I checked, giant gorilla beats barrel in the great cosmic game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Seems to me that old Donkey Kong could have saved a whole lot of time and effort by just letting Mario approach him. Primates gotta fling shit, I suppose.


    I accept that this is a humourous concept, but the idea (according to DK promo art) is that Mario has a B.F.Hammer with him that he's swinging pretty wildly.

    Gorilla or no, that huge hammer can do some damage.

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