Don’t Expect Any 3DS Games From Paradox Interactive, I’m Guessing

Don’t Expect Any 3DS Games From Paradox Interactive, I’m Guessing

Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester, not being a bit shy on Twitter.


  • Actually, I’d say it’s more like this:

    The typewriter has just been accepted as the best new medium for processing text for publication. Sure you’re writers are horrible, but your magazines and newspapers are written quickly and efficiently, with easily read type and little spelling errors. Because your magazines are the only ones available in this manner, everyone buys them. Meanwhile other companies are playing catch up, sure their material will be much better quality after they have gotten skilled typewriters and decent writers as well, but now they have to compete.

    I will never applaud Ubisoft’s strategy to release a whole tonne of poor quality, rushed for release titles for new consoles. It must be making great business, they did it for DS and Wii and must have made a lot of money.

  • Just looking at their wikipedia page, Paradox has released dozens of titles for the PC and only 2 games for current consoles. Given their background why would they start going into the handheld business now?

  • So… is he saying that Ubisoft’s 3DS games aren’t that great, or is he saying that the 3DS is an outdated console?

    I confused myself by thinking about it. 😛

    • He’s saying that neither typewriter makers, nor Ubisoft, have anything to worry about from his company, I think.

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