Don't Expect To See Bungie's Next Project At E3 2011

Halo and Marathon fans looking forward to Bungie's all-new universe can set aside their hype and hope until sometime after E3 2011. Bungie and publisher Activision have both said the developer will not have an official presence at this year's E3 show which is just weeks away. []


    Boooo! They could at LEAST do a teaser trailer.
    AKA. Shows nothing but a title or something. Pretty sure Crysis did something like that where it was pretty much pointless but made everyone crap their pants.

    I know they're saying it will be an all new universe, but can you imagine how cool marathon's story would be with todays technology. Imagine looking out of your massive hollowed out moon of a ship at the planet below as the colony is invaded and the alien ships fly past you.... (goes to wash up).

    @Lord bob

    As still having the 4 floppy disks for marathon 1 for apple mac

    this would be a dream come true

    the marathon universe is way more interesting then the halo universe


      Agreed. The Halo Universe is at its most interesting when it is vaguely gesturing towards a possible connection with the Marathon Universe... but ultimately never gets there :-P

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