DRM Means Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Will Have ‘Limited Offline’ Functionality

DRM Means Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Will Have ‘Limited Offline’ Functionality

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will use Games For Windows Live to administer the game’s DRM, says Capcom’s Christian Svensson, and while the game will not require an always-on Internet connection to be played, it’ll have a “limited offline” mode for those with no uplink.

That means those who live in regions that aren’t supported by Games For Windows Live face a “buyer-beware situation,” Svensson writes. That’s because the limited offline functionality restricts players to 15 of the game’s 39 characters, cuts off access to any DLC you’ve purchased, and forbids saving any progress in challenges or settings in addition to, of course, not allowing online play or access to replay channels.

For those wondering what happens if your Internet goes out in the middle of a match: “You’ll be able to keep doing what you’re doing until you come to a logical break point, like exiting to a menu, at which point you’ll be asked to sign back in.” If you can’t? It sounds like it is back to demo-mode, which would mean the proscription on saving progress applies.

Svensson said the DRM was necessary because “SFIV unfortunately was plagued by pirates and hackers that messed up leaderboards.”

Stuff You Want to Know About SSFIV:AE for PC [Capcom-Unity]


  • I would have been okay with this if it had been any solution EXCEPT dodgy Games for Windows never online Live

    Guess I’ll be skipping this one on PC

  • I honestly don’t think there is a single PC game I can think of that would make me want to have to deal with Games for Windows Live again. I had to deal with it while playing DoW2 and there were experiences which actualy impacted on how I view that game.

    Also I love the picture for the article. I cant help but think ‘Hurp-er Derp-a’ when I see it.

  • …yeeahh I’ll be waiting for PSN Store to come back up. Thanks for the heads-up so I don’t waste my cash!

  • One of these days these people will realise that punishing the people who actually pay for your games is not the way to stop pirates.

    • I agree! I wanted to buy the arcade edition, but there’s just NO WAY now! Capcom used to be one of my fave game companies too. Just sad.

  • I lost 4-5 hours of Red Faction play due to windows live deciding it couldn’t connect.

    I was very keen to have this on PC too, as it would of allowed me to play on the PC while my wife watched TV. So gaming and banking at the same time.

    But I can’t support a regime like this. Amazing that a game I pay for will have less functionality than those who don’t.

  • I must be a lucky one, I have quite a few games that use GFWL, SF4 being one of them, and never once had any issues

      • If that had been the case I’d be wanting a refund. My luck with GFWL is all the luck I’ve got thus far, no lotto wins, no scoring with Kate Beckinsale in her Underworld get-up…nada!

  • Headline should read “DRM Means Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Will Have ‘Limited Sales'”

    One of the points made in a similar discussion on The Escapist was that this was also getting reported on the same day as the Witcher 2 patch notes about removing DRM now that the prerelease date check is no longer required – small wonder which company is building a rabid fanbase who will buy games just to support their principles, and which company is hemorrhaging fans from certain franchises due to their tragic inconsistency regarding platform support!
    (much as I liked Dead Rising 2, I am not jumping through all those hoops that prevented me from easily buying DLC, let alone ones that prevent me from playing a game in the first place!)

    • I bought Witcher 2 even though I’m not sure it will work on PC because I love CDProjekt and GOG that much. I’m not even joking.

      • I can relate – I have two copies of the original Witcher; a Collector’s Edition I scored cheap and an Enhanced Edition I got shortly after release, and I still haven’t had the chance to play either. The only reason I don’t currently have a fancy Collector’s Edition of Witcher 2 is because I’m short on funds (need more work >.<) and like to spend what I can on the little indie releases right now for similar reasons.

  • Kotaku should delete any and all references to this game across the site. Games that use GFWL may as well not exist. 😛

    Graaagh, seriously, Capcom, wtf :/

      • I saw mention of it somewhere in passing (but can’t recall which site) that the PC version of BlazBlue might also have some DRM issues, or maybe use GFWL – so double check that as well.

        Regarding alternatives; I know several of the Guilty Gear games are available on PC, but beyond that I think it’s a matter of chasing down some of the better freeware titles and MUGEN packages, or going all the way back to stuff like MK4!

      • You could always just emulate third strike and play that online. If the questionable legality of that bothers consider that they is currently no way to play third strike online officially.

        Also keep in mind that there are many street fighters fans out there who consider third strike the better overall game.

  • Meh, ive never had issues with GFWL at all. Only got a couple of games for it, but mostly ive had problem with those games being buggy 😛

    Ill still get SF4:AE for the PC, that hasnt changed my mind, but I am very depressed over the “demo” mode.. Really screws me taking it out and about on my laptop.

  • Ive had plenty of issues, trying to set up an G4WL account when I bought bulletstorm, and it wouldnt let me play the singleplayer or do anything unless I signed in.

    If you pay for a game, at full price, you should be able to play the full or most of the experience offline. People will buy this game and Capcom will continue to get away with dick moves such as these.

    what they should do is release the new mortal kombat for pc with minimal drm rape, kick sf out of the pc market all together, they can look at sales and learn from the mistake they made.

  • This is bullshit. So they’re assuming everyone who plays offline are either pirates or haven’t brought the game. Why would you even make it an offline mode in the first place if it is so pointless?

    I am sure someone will hack into the files to make remove these constrictions. Which makes it prone to piracy. Ironic isn;t it.

    You’re not getting my money for this Capcom.

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