Duke Nukem Demo Confirmed By Randy Pitchford Himself

We had a rough idea that an early Duke Nukem Forever demo would be doing the rounds and, now, via a Presidential style video from Randy Pitchford we have all the details on its release.

The demo is apparently for 'First Access' users only, meaning folks who pre-ordered the game or bought the Borderlands 'Game of the Year' edition. This seems a little strange to me, personally, since demos are usually designed for people on the fence about a game, not those who have already pre-ordered it - but it's nice to reward loyalty I suppose.


    I would like to try out the demo just to see the 14 years of craziness it's gone through, but that video made me laugh, so I don't mind.

    I'd like to know his reasoning for restricting the demo to first access users only.

      To help them sell more copies of Borderlands, and reward the hardcore following who already preordered the game just because it's Duke Nukem?

    My heart skipped a beat when that guy with the sign turned up.

    I imagine this will only hold until after the game has been out for a month or so, then the demo will be available to everyone who didn't buy on release, reigniting interest and reminding people who missed the release.

    Amazon gave me 3 keys for my one order of the CE lol.

    Balls Of Steel Edition is already ordered, I seriously don't care if this is the worst game released this year!

    Um didn’t they say “it will be out 1mth BEFORE the full game comes out” ?

    If its the 3rd of June, and it comes out on the 10th June, isn’t that 7 days?

    So again the lie about the demo, whats next, the Balls of Steel isn’t coming out?

    Just been to EB and they've advised they're out of codes.
    I spoke to their manager and he's going to chase with marketing...

    I just hope that i can get my access code from eb soon

    Firstly, Randy, Randy, Randy, where on earth did did you get that jacket.

    Secondly, now in certification on all platforms Huh, PC games are now being certified?

    You're a cool guy Mr Randy Pitchford but if you're not going to let me test run your questionable looking game, then that's cool. I just won't buy it. It looks kind of crappy but I have an open mind about it. I don't just hand over money willy nilly to things like that though. Best of luck with your big release though. Sorry I won't be there to take part.

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