Duke Nukem Forever Explores All-New Dick Puns In 'Shrinkage'

Shrink Ray technology, a Duke Nukem staple, will return in next month's Duke Nukem Forever, providing ample opportunity for the action star to crack wise about his wang and make innuendo about things that are tiny.

The wee-sized segments of Duke Nukem Forever look like they'll offer a great break from the standard first-person shoot 'em up stuff, including the option to ride radio-controlled cars and surf toaster waffles.

Duke Nukem Forever hits PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 10 internationally, June 14 in North America.


    Haha, I love the silliness in this game

    over the top and well made?

    You only get one I'm afraid.

    Duke Babe; "I know where I'd stick him"

    This game is gonna be awesome.

    The guys behind the GI JOE Re-edits are going to crap themselves.

    First the "The Venture Brothers" T-Shirt as worn by (#12? #24?), now THIS?!

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