Duke Nukem Forever's 'Autopsy' Video Is Its Grossest To Date

There's no Duke Nukem Forever footage in this promo clip, but it's stuffed with the kind of crap expected of Duke Nukem. I won't spoil the surprises lodged within, but I will say that now, more than ever, I would like Duke Nukem Forever to ship.

Because I'm thoroughly grossed out. No more. Please.

Duke Nukem Forever drops June 10 internationally, June 14 in North America for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



    Wait for it....

    Wait for it....


    Awww i was hoping for grosser than that... :(

    At least it wasnt the missing mansausage.

    I'll be so happy when this game is finally out, played and forgotten about.

    What's with the 3 seconds of prodigy music?...

    We have zero chance of seeing this games get released in Australia I fear :(

      Duke Nukem Forever, that's been rated MA15+ by the ACB?

    This game is going to be so worth the wait :)

    Is it weird I was expecting the object lodged in the throat to be a dildo?

    What an odd autopsy.

    They're normally slow and methodical...
    Why the haste?
    Why the shakey cam?
    Why the hell is that green sheet still on the corpse?

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