Duke Nukem Had Eggs For Breakfast, Your Mum Had Sausage

Hail to the king baby, 2K Games just released a a Duke Nukem Forever Soundboard for the iPhone and iPad.

The free app includes such darling phrases as:

"I've got balls of steel"

Anybody mind if I take off my pants?"

"I had eggs for breakfast, your mum had sausage"

"My job is to kick arse, not make small talk."

The app includes more than 25 of these endearing Duke-isms. Of course this freebie collection of sound files proceeds the end of times, also known as the official release date of Duke Nukem Forever. The date is holding at June 14, 2011 and standing strong with the game gold and ready to ship, we're told.


    No Android? :(

    Wow, they didn't rip off VideoCompiler on this or anything.

    I'm not saying that Duke soundboards didn't exist before, but VideoCompiler basically took the entire soundboard and made it into legendary status.

    See; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE3KdcTgrno

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