EA: Possibility That Star Wars: The Old Republic Could Slip To 2012

BioWare's ambitious Star Wars massively multiplayer online role-playing game is still officially on the books for a 2011 release, pencilled in for a release in the second half of the year - though publisher EA is hesitant to pin it down more specifically.

The company did note today during an investor call that there's an "outside possibility" the PC game won't hit this year, with Star Wars: The Old Republic possibly hitting as late as January 2012.

"While we fully anticipate launching Star Wars: The Old Republic in Q2 or Q3, the low end of our guidance range assumes the outside possibility of a January launch," EA Games president Frank Gibeau said.

EA opted not to nail down The Old Republic's release date today for two reasons, executives said, one being that "we don't want to tip off the competition." The other? "We want more data from the beta test to guarantee a spectacular experience at launch," Gibeau said.


    If they are saying Jan is remote possibility i am still hoping for a 2011 release.

    As much as I want this game sooner rather than later, I also want it to be good at launch.

    Never dug World of Warcraft but this looks like the game to put me over the line... me likey star warsey!

    I still want KOTOR 3. I mean the ending of 2...makes me so angry.

      Totally. hopefully it'll happen eventually. I'm hoping for a more hands on combat approach and less turn based.

      I agree, it totally sucks that they never finished that whole story. It is like if they ended the original trilogy with Empire and never made Jedi.

      At least they aren't rushing this one like with KOTOR 2 though.

    Shame that most of the beta reviews I've read have been negative. Will still pick it up but expectations have been dramatically lowered.

    This will make a lot of people upset I think, they've been contsantly telling us it would be this year. I'm happy to wait, but starting to get a bit impatient

    Can't wait - even if it's WoW in space... it's Star Wars - in space! :D

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