EB To Launch New Aussie Games Exhibition - Open To The Public

At the moment EB's home page is running some sort of viral takeover. We can now confirm that it's related to an event that EB is planning - a video games exhibition that will be open to the public.

The EB Vendor show - an event which usually takes place in the Gold Coast bi-annually - is typically an industry video games events where publishers such as EA and Activision demo upcoming titles to prospective EB Store Buyers, in the hope that they'll buy more stock of certain titles.

EB now want to open that event to the public.

According to the ex-employee, EB's plan is to keep the vendor show open for an extra couple of days - over the weekend - and sell tickets, to give consumers an peek at upcoming games. It's an attempt to give the general and inside look into the games industry, but is mostly intended as a way to get people excited about new games.

Considering the information we've gotten from EB's website itself, we're expecting the first show to kick off in Brisbane at roughly October this year.

More news as we get it.


    Ok guys - pay up - i was right :P

    Kinda sucks that it's in Brisbane though...

      I don't see anything sucky about that. :P

        Lady.. you're askin' for a stalkin'!

        In all actuality, i still haven't been to Brisvegas yet.. so maybe this will be the extra nudge to go up the hot and sweaty end of Australia...

        ...Wait... That doesn't sound right at all...

    Aw man, I just finished extracting the swf file with trillix and the news is already posted :(

    At first I was all "awww Brisbane". Then I realised there is a good chance I might actually be there in early October!

      No confirmation it'll be in Brisbane, but I'm betting it will be.

    Why is there nothing like this in Sydney?

      You greedy, rassin' frassin'...
      Everything happens in Sydney and you're whining because this isn't?
      Try living in Perth or Alice Springs, see how many cons you get to see.

        Hahaha. I'm from Sydney and fully endorse Lone Wolfs post and/or product.




        ok, no one cares about the last one.

      i know the GAME vendor show is in Sydney, usually pretty good, I hear. Maybe they will open that one up after the official duties are over. Pretty sure it was at The Big Top at Luna Park last year.

    i just had a thought...
    Do you think the ticket prices will be almost 50% higher than overseas tickets to keep with the theme??


      Will we be able to trade in games for tickets?

        Don't be silly

        You'll trade tickets for upcoming events for 20% of what you actually paid for them, to put towards buying your EB even ticket.

        Trade 3 tickets and get 10% extra, and don't forget your 10% extra with an edge card!!

        Pre-order now for a special DLC pack that will give you SWEET eb games themed decktop items and screen savers!

          Then I can go and buy pre-owned tickets for other events at only 95% of the original price. What value!

          Also will the opening keynote be done by that grating sounding guy who does in the in store promo voice overs.

            'Grating' doesn't even begin to describe that aural monstrosity....

            Also, he hasn't aged in about ten years.

          I dunno... Ims hella excited aboutz my Duke Nukemz in-game eb shirt!!

        If we go this event, and don't have a good time, can we return within 7 days and get our money back?


          If we go to the event, have a good time, we will still trading in on the 7th day.

    I wonder if there will only be the one, or if like the clues may be pointin at, there will be one in Brisbane and another in Sydney. I could probaby head up to Sydney for the show if I thought it would be worth it, but I think I'll have to see what will be there first. I would kind of like to support the idea of an Aussie expo, but I don't really want to support EB, tough choice.

    Surely its at the Gold Coast Convention centre seeing the V button showed a layout of it.

    Why Brisbane? Seems silly really. Melbourne would draw a bigger crowd because it's a more centralised location for the people in other states such as myself, being in Adelaide I, and my friends, often travel to Melbourne and Sydney for bands and conventions. Brisbane is just that bit too far though.

      Brisbane is a heavily traffic'd route from Melbourne and Sydney.

        Yeah and what of us in Adelaide and Perth? Melbourne is viable for all. Brisbane only for some.

    As a Briswegian, this brings me great joy.

    After I've moved to Hobart, this makes me sad. Damnit.

    It was never going to be in Canberra. *sadface*

      Still Canberra has Summernats so its not all bad!

        Why did you have to mention Summernats? It makes us feel worse.

        We may not have a sweet gaming con, but at least we still have our 'sudden spike in property damage and aggravated sexual assault' festival!

        Is there anyway we can trade Summernats with Brisbane for this?

    Finally! Something that will get Sughly out into the public! :P

    Hang on... Brisbane is to far away for some people? What about us poor sods from Perth? :P No matter where you hold it, it's still a longer plane ride for us.

    It would be funny if they announced it was held in Perth. But yeah that's very very very remote in the realms of possibility.

      Would be awesome if they did hold one over here... but I won't be getting my hopes up :(

    I can smell the fat sweaty nerds already. :p

    Seriously, this would be cool. We'd have this exhibition and the Mana Bar for post-gaming drinks. :)

    Will they be selling pre-owned tickets to this event for $5 less than brand new?

    oh wait someone basically did that joke already

    Oh Man... its like our very own Diet E3! (or E3 Zero)
    If its a travelling show then I will there every day it is in Sydney. But if its located in QLD .. you may see me in the missing person's section of the newspaper.

    Great news, wonder what the chances are that it will come to WA eventually?

    EB vendors are normally held at Jupiter Casino in Brisbane. I remember hearing rumors of this about a year back when I worked at EB.

    Back when I was working at EB I used to love when this time of year rolled around!

    Props to them for opening it to the public.

      Did you get promoted?

        She'll make colonel by next week [proud tear]

          It's just that she was a Sargeant, and now she's a Captain...

          When they promote an NCO to an Officer, they aren't allowed to stay in the same unit.
          And we don't want to lose any of our commentors.

    By the looks of things, WCG national qualifiers for the serious titles (SC2, Counter-Strike etc.) will be held at this event as well.

    Interesting, but I doubt I can make it yo Brisbane in October. ; (

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