Europe, Your PSN Identity Protection Is Coming

PlayStation Network users in the US are being given access to an identity protection scheme. In Europe? Sony is working on it, saying the number of countries, companies and laws involved means it'll take a little longer to set up. [PlayStation]


    Fair enough, Howdy Mark do u have any "Official" dates of when the PSN will be back up, I wanna do some gaming (Im a multiplayer person) :P

      Sony is being pretty shy when it comes to specifics. Sorry!

        They said a week but I highly doubt it, that it will be up and fully running by June.
        Your thoughts, Mark?

    Really! like I care? I wanna play online, that's all I care about :( take all your sorrys and put them in a bag. Come on!

    Ok.. thanks for the help all! im loving your posts also Mark keep it up:P c,mon PSN we need you! :D

    Any one here going to get L.A Noire when it comes out.. I cant wait!! :) Im a GTA fan so you no....

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