Far Cry 2 Is $5 On Steam

In honor of my predecessor David Wildgoose, who has never stopped hassling me, and every other person he meets, to play Far Cry 2 - I am duty bound to let you guys know that you can currently pick up Far Cry 2 for only US$5 on Steam right now.

Also on sale is the original Far Cry, which is going for US$2.50. Cheaper than a can of soda in 7-11!

You can also pick up the Far Cry Complete pack for US$7.49.

I barely cracked the surface with Far Cry 2 when it was initially released, so I think I'll take this chance to see what all the fuss is about.


    Cheaper than a can of ... Pepsi Max? :D

    How goes the lack of Pepsi anyway?

      How many cans of Pepsi can you get for $7.50?

    I thought FarCry 2 kinda sucked, but the awesome map editor alone is worth the five bucks

    Bargain. That's also one of my favourite shooters of all time, though it's a little tired now.

    A lot of people hated Far Cry 2 - I actually had a pretty good time with it and finished it... but there is a lot wrong with it.

    For $5 I'd give it a go though

      Yeah there is a lot there to like, but there is plenty to dislike as well.

      I didn't mind that it took a while to get from one point to another, it was a pretty game, but there was always checkpoints to go through with enemies that respawned as soon as you left the area. If there was a good reason to destroy these checkpoints again and again I wouldn't have minded, but there really wasn't. Some missions had you going back and forth through the same 2 checkpoints 3 times in a row.

      My only other complaint was that enemies seemed omniscient to your location once you were seen. I was often being hit by enemies I couldn't see because I was surrounded by grass and trees and ferns. I couldn't see them but they could perfectly shoot through the brush to hit me.

      Still tempting to buy though now that I have a new computer and graphics card.

        Thats a perfect.
        Exactly what i wnated to say. Such a shame.

    Far Cry 2 is one of the mose tedious, repetitive games i have ever played, coming across th same road block every 5 meters wears very thin after a while, i uninstalled it from my computer after only 20% completion, never touching it again.

      Ummm... you could have avoided them! Railway lines are your friend.

    I tried to enjoy Far Cry 2, but those respawning camps placed at various intersections between places just got too damn annoying!

    Loved Far Cry 2.

    Traded it into JB after beating it twice. Regret doing that now. I can't find a 360 version anywhere!

      Try EB Games, was in there last weekend and they were having the preowned sale. I swear every second 360 game I picked up was a copy of Farcry 2.

    Yeah I really didn't enjoy it, it was a bit bland, and I really hate the respawning enemies. It was a good game though, but just not for me. I keep intending to give it another shot, so this might be a good excuse :)

    I haven't played either game but I've bought both now. For $7.50 it's worth giving them a go.

    I liked it a lot.

    Re-spawning enemies made sense in the context of the game, it was war-torn Africa, if you clear a security post you kind of have to assume it's not going to remain vacant for very long.

    Great game.

    Really interesting game. I really enjoyed the range of tactics available (and often necessary) for storming points of interest. The story is pretty lack-lustre, but if you play more for the experience rather than drama, you'll be right.

    My mate summed up my feelings for it when he said "it's got no soul."

    FC2 was an awesome game, it was easy to avoid the respawning checkpoints as well.

    Yeah the story was meh but it was a lot of fun sneaking through high grass at night with silenced weapons picking off soldiers and mercs one by one. Using fire and explosives to distract the AI and all that.

    Also, multiplayer with mates was a lot of fun.

    Got the CE on 360 for $25 a while back.. not a bad game.. good multiplayer

    I never had problem with the guard posts. It's entirely possible to play through the game while only clearing like two or three guard posts (because they're associated with missions). Otherwise, every one of them can be bypassed using stealth, speeding through with a vehicle and dispatching any pursuers or taking a route that avoids them altogether.

    Objectives are repetitive being literally one of: destroy, retrieve or assassinate, but the combat is quite dynamic. You can approach locations from different angles, change the time of day or try different weapons and tactics and the AI will almost always give you a different reaction that keeps you on your toes.

    I love this game. Beaten it twelve times and intend to continue playing it in the future.

      Oh yeah, you could totally "speed through" those check points and enjoy the AI instantly teleporting to their jeeps and then accelerating at the speed of light to catch you before showering you with weapon fire until your car is destroyed.

      Couldn't PAY ME $5 to play this piece of shite again.

    I played it on 360 recently... it made a better coaster.

    Big fan of this game.

    Having to put one of my buddies out of his misery after he suffered a fatal bullet wound was pretty shocking/awesome.

    Just bought this a few days ago from OzGameShop; payed 19.something for it. Oh well.

    It had it's flaws but if nothing else, it was immersive and I thoroughly enjoyed it until all my save games corrupted 3/4 of they way through.

    Love all the different reactions. Tried to play through Far Cry 2 twice now, both times I've left it after a couple of hours.

    Meh, don't waste your five bucks. FarCry 2 has Sony's delightfully rubbish SecuROM bundled in. Avoid like the plague.

      It has been removed from the Steam version


    The ghost of Wildgoose haunts us still.

    Say what you will about Farcry 2 (I hate it), but the original Farcry is also $2.50. A far, far better game.

    This ends up being my friends "fall back" game at LANs. More than happy to take off the older one we used in favor of paying $5 for it digitally

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