Fatalities Are OK In Mortal Kombat. Finger Banging, No.

Fatalities Are OK In Mortal Kombat. Finger Banging, No.

Someone hacked apart the config file data for Mortal Kombat on the PS3 and in addition to discovering about 17 on-disc DLC character skins – and, weirdly, a dummy support-string for Kinect, they found hundreds of wirdy-dirds banned from text communication in MK’s online play.

You can see them all at the link. It’s like a Scribblenauts dictionary of profanity, banning words like “murder,” home appliances like “crapper,” and even nations like “Niger.” Someone really did their homework. “Dingleberry,” “sphincterface,”and “crackspackler” also are on here. Those on the watch for reverse racism should note that “white trash” is forbidden. It’s multi-lingual, too. Cretino, Italian for “asshole,” also makes the censored list.

Config Data for MK9 for PS3 [lo-ping.net via GamesRadar]


  • “17 on-disc DLC character skins”

    Not impressed at all. DLC made after the game is released? I’m find with paying for that. Sitting on the disc waiting to be paid for? Load of shit…

    • This.

      If it’s on the disc you already paid for there’s no way in hell they should make you pay again to unlock it. This kind of “DLC” is worse than horse armour.

      • At what point was it stated that it’s payed DLC? Those 17 items are unlockable through gameplay. Think of it like Ubisofts UPlay stuff…already there but you gotta get the in-game points/whatever to get your hands on it.

      • This is just an absolute shot in the dark, but isn’t that illegal? I mean, you have already purchased a physical piece of software, including all that it contains. Shouldn’t all the software rightfully be yours without any other costs?

        • Nope. When you “buy” a game you’re not buying anything but a licence to play the game (which they have a right to revoke according to the terms & conditions).

        • If you buy microsoft office 2010, it has all editions on the one disc, doesn’t mean you are entitled to them all.

          With these skins, if you didn’t know they were there, you wouldn’t have cared in the first place…

      • Unfortunately companies actually do have to make money, and furthermore, once they’ve finished making the core game and the character designers are left with nothing to do, they’re going to work on DLC; and if they happen to finish working on the DLC before they actually finish tuning the game for release, putting the content on the disc is actually more economical for them because it means they don’t have to spend more money than they have to to put content on Live or PSN.

        So your arguments shouldn’t be whether or not it’s fair for them to charge you for unlocks; It has and always will be, whether the content you choose to buy is worth your money.

        Developers have never had ANY obligation at all to give you free stuff. You buy what you think is fair. And try not to feel so bloody entitled in future.

        • Wow, how dare us expect to be able to play what is sitting on the game disc. You know, the game disc we spent our money on. You sure told us.

    • for sure it is. Reverse racism as a phrase is the equivalent of someone from a non-caucasian background claiming “i can’t be racist, i’m X” (there’s a certain asian island nation that excels at claims like that, when questioned about attitudes towards ethnic minorities there).

      • Reverse racism is when you treat someone better because of their race. Positive discrimination in other words, like affirmative action for example.

  • Wow, you’re dense AND racist if you think “white trash” is reverse racism, and not just regular racism.

    • In my experience the phrase “white trash” is not actually a racial epithet but rather a term applied to people with a certain socio-economic standing and certain stereotyped behaviours. It’s also regularly used by white people to describe other white people. I’d say it is more accurately compared to terms like “redneck” and “bogan” rather than, say, “whitey” or “cracker”. Making reference to race does not automatically indicate racism.

  • Pretty sure that reverse racism means that you are extremely nice to someone from another race because you are scared they will think you are racist or because you feel sorry for them.

    It doesn’t mean when a black person is racist against a white person that is just plain old racism.

  • OndiscDLC in question is not something they are releasing, it’s stuff available in game. Quan Chi is unlockable on disc as are the _c costumes for everyone.

    The first paid for download content is, Kenshi, Sareena and Kintaro WHO ARE NOT ON THE DISC, with the exception of Kintaro as a Boss.

  • I’ve learned a few things today – I’m now internationally vulgar! Thanks MK9!

  • … by the looks of it most of the costumes are the classic ones that you got for pre ordering it or characters that are unlocked during playthrough.

  • thats bullshit. I don’t want to pay for the stuff I already paid. fuck you 21st century marketing

  • I wish people online would just have civalised fun and not need a filtering system to be forced into being decent respectable human beings. As they say “In an ideal world…”

  • And to think I thought reverse racism was you where overly nice to someone because of thier race for fear of causing offence.

    For example, picking a guy in the middle of the table to take an order from, rather than the head of the table.

  • all the Ninja DLCs are the different Classic Outfits you can get for everybody, like how you get the Classic Ermac skin in the US Bookends version, Classic Reptile from Amazon.
    If you do certain things in the game you unlock the Classic Skins anyway so its really not that exciting.

    • actually no you cant unlock the classic skins in the game. i have 100% of the krypt unlocked, the challenge tower beaten and the story mode beaten. no classic costume unlocks.

  • My God, folks! Owen is completely oblivious to what “reverse racism” is. It’s already been explained in several responses here by Ben, Adam and DKnight1000.

  • I have never seen so many variations of the word “ass”, I haven’t even heard some of these before, and this is coming from a teenager!

  • Gotta protect those kids, don’t want them being corrupted by objectionable content like ‘crackspackle’ or ‘dingleberry’.

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