Firefall Is What You Get When A WoW Creator Makes A Shooter

Firefall is an online shooter that is quietly pushing a lot of people's buttons. Which is what happens when you pitch an online, co-op shooter that looks a lot like classic jetpack simulator Tribes.

This trailer for the "massive co-op" PC shooter, due at the end of the year, shows both jetpacks and co-op shooter action in a sci-fi, team-based environment. Again, that's ticking the boxes of Tribes fans.

Me, I just like the fact developers Red 5 - led by one of the original designers of World of Warcraft - is using real, raw gameplay footage in a trailer. It's a treat we don't get enough of these days!


    Oh noes!!! this game involves people working together in a shooter that involves jet packs which work in no way similar to the jet packs in tribes!?!? CLONE -.-
    I guess I would be to optimistic to hope that tribes doesn't become the WoW of shooters as far as the "clone" title goes.
    Oh well i guess i can't expect gamers to show any common sense.

    It's interesting how stylistically it has remnants of Star Craft. I wonder if this was something they were pitching while at Blizzard.

    The only red flag I saw was with the "all free" aspect, which most likely means in-game transactions which could lead to balance issues.

    I was under the impression that this was a PvE game. I guess not.

      it's got both. As for the free-to-play part, its powered by microtransaction cash store, but the developers seem pretty adamant on not selling power. See what happens, but its now a proven model for polished games

    Considering that I've just started playing Global Agenda now that it's gone free-to-play I have to say... isn't this game EXACTLY the same thing, only in first person, with cartoonier graphics and lacking the Robotics class and melee weapons? Heavy armoured assault class with massive firepower, medic class with healing beam and team buff auras, recon with sniper abilities and mines. Sure as hell looks the same to me.

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