First In-Game Teaser For Dead Island Still Playing The Emotion Card

First In-Game Teaser For Dead Island Still Playing The Emotion Card

While it’s certainly not the game-changing first trailer for Dead Island, today’s just-released trailer attempts to give a tug to those same heartstrings with music right out of a Hallmark commercial matched to in-game footage.

I’m still on the fence on this one – I just cannot get with Dead Rising at all, which appears to be Dead Island‘s closest analogue – but McWhertor’s hands-on with the first hour has assuaged my fears for the time being. A melee-heavy zombie game could be fun.


  • Gotta Admit at the very lease these trailers and there “heart strings” music make me very interested.

  • Let’s hope the narrative is a little better than most zombie games. This would make the horror better too.

    Resident Evil wasn’t bad but it moved very quickly into monsters and evil corporations. The fact that the main character is a trained cop/special forces person kinda alleviates the horror.

  • Loved the first trailer they released, if the game can hold that kind of tension/character buy in it could be a sneaky contender for GOTY 🙂

  • Zombies are scary because if you get infected through a scratch or thier blood in an open wound…you become one of them.

    This changes everything, you act differently, think differently and everything becomes important.

    If your conveniently “immune” in all these “zombie” games, then the care factor is gone and you may aswell imagine your slaughtering orcs and goblins.

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