Flying Cactus Resurrects Artificial Life With Creatures 4

The adorable Norns return as Belgian development studio Flying Cactus announces Creatures 4, the first new entry in the popular artificial life simulator series since 1999. The free-to-play game will be available this winter for iOS devices, PC and Mac.



    I'll probably be the only Kotaku reader who is actually excited about this - but I am ECSTATIC. Every six months or so, I think about Creatures and go trawling for news about any sequels.

    This game has a surprising amount of depth and a bloody fanatic fanbase - a lot of rabid happiness spawning around the world right now.

    OMG! Awesome! =D
    I have so many fond memories of playing the Creatures games. I don't care that I'm now 23 - I'm still excited, LOL.

    First Grandroids ( and now this? 2011 is a good year for Creatures fans :-)

    As if I wasn't ridiculously excited about this to begin with, I saw those three little letters that really topped it. M. A. C. YES. Creatures was such an awesome game, I can't wait for this! :D

    Please don't suck like Spore!

      PS - Just found Creatures Exodus (the last one from what I can tell) downloadable for $6.

      <3 GOG

    Received Playstation version of Creatures 3 for free through the PSN+ subby, before the shit hit the fan.

    Downloaded and installed but not played yet. Still have my original Win95 based Creatures disc on the shelf somewhere.

    Man BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR A NEW CREATURES GAME! I tried to get C1 working on W7, but couldn't get it to :\

    Windows 7 has an XP emulator that will let you play the original Creatures games. Just look on Microsoft's page to find out how to activate it.

    It's called Fishing Cactus

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