Foxtel On 360 Now Unmetered For Telstra BigPond Users

The launch of Foxtel on Xbox 360 was a mostly successful, but bogged down by the fact that no unmetered deal was available with any Australian Broadband providers. Now Microsoft and Foxtel have announced that the Foxtel service on Xbox 360 will be unmetered for Telstra BigPond users.

This arrangement with Telstra is a big win for FOXTEL on Xbox 360 users," claimed FOXTEL Patrick Delany, Executive Director of Product & Sales, "allowing unmetered access to thousands of hours of great programming – all without a FOXTEL fixed term contract. There are around 1.3 million Xbox consoles in Australia and getting unmetered access to FOXTEL on Xbox 360 is now as simple as plugging into BigPond internet to give subscription TV a go."

In addition to unmetered access to Foxtel, Telstra BigPond users will also have access to six BigPond TV channels covering sport, racing and news.

“Hundreds of thousands of Australian homes now have access to BigPond TV channels which makes a compelling reason to get online through Telstra," claimed J-B Rousselot, Telstra’s Executive Director of Media. "BigPond’s unmetered content is already a hit with T-Box, Samsung and LG customers, and we’re pleased to be bringing unmetering to customers connected to FOXTEL on Xbox 360.”

This is the deal that most expected when the Foxtel packages were initially announced for Xbox 360 - but late last year Microsoft were happy to launch the deal without any unmetered access deals with Aussie ISPs. At that point Microsoft was officially claiming that internet caps were "big enough" to cope with the bandwidth required for Foxtel on Xbox 360.

Wonder what caused the change of heart?



    You mean Telstra aren't charging their customers twice for the same content/service? HOW PROGRESSIVE!

    I forgot to mention Telstra in my rant on the CHOICE article :P

    It continually pisses me off that on the xvox dash I get constant advertising for foxtel but it is unavailable in the Wollongong area.

      Yeah, im from the gong too, is there anyway to bypass that particular "feature" or it not working outside Sydney?, and the big cities?

        You can get it anywhere, just enter a address that isn't regional :) I haven't done it myself (don't need to), but I've heard a few people have been able to get it by just using a different address

          Cool might try that. I thought it was detecting my local exchange.

            Yep, all you have to do is enter in an address/postcode of an area that is currently supported by Foxtel. I'm on the sunshine coast which has AusStar, but as soon as I entered in a Brisbane Suburb (Lawnton - 4551) I was able to get this :-)

            But I just signed up for Foxtel on 360, and I'm loving it. This deal just made it even better :-) (Yes, I'm with telstra)

    I hope to hell this mushrooms into everything becoming unmetered on xbox for bigpond users...

      I'm with you!! Sick fo nto being able to dl any decent sized demos or games from XBLA

        Or have fuel tv get the coverage that spike tv is doing in america like 7+ hours of e3 coverage haha one can dream. I am stuck with watching it via streams

    No sports of any interest on this makes it totally unappealing. I really don't need to sign up to get wall to wall EPL and Rugby Union.

      This article doesn't mention the new NRL and AFL channels in the get started package. Problem is they're replays on a minimum 24 hour delay so it still doesn't fix the lack of sports.

    It has always been unmetered

      Exactly, it has been unmetered from day 1, this is just the official release :D

    Its always been unmetered?

    I've been using it for about 5 months now, and it has never counted towards my bigpond quota. Same goes for a few other people I know using it.

    The six new channels is new though, very happy to hear about that :)

    I'm with Optus, so it's not unmetered for us, which has been the biggest hurdle for me not getting Foxtel, so I'm pretty impressed with this

      I'm on Optus too, and whilst the meterege is one issue... the other was subscription to foxtel.

    Hey foxtel how about you do us a favor and get some e3 content ffs....

    Internet in Australia: a laughable joke. Why the f♥ck do we even get data caps from our ISPs. It's 2011 for fucks sake. Pretty much everywhere else in the world is unlimited data caps.

      actually, US isp's are moving from no caps to capped. granted they are high caps (200Gb or so), but their is a move away from uncapped

    I have foxtel digital, home phone and internet all through Telstra/Bigpond. This foxtel on xbox was a good idea which appealed to me, but it should have been free for current subscribers! The way foxtel is going at the moment, I will be cancelling my subscription very soon. Sick of the repeats, old shows and advertisements. Not getting value for money at all anymore.

      Exactly what i think, it should be free to those who are on the platinum bundle.

      Yeah I am in teh same boat. Its not really good value for money anymore, repeats are shocking. I end up watching more free to air.

    Never been a fan of owning digital copies of stuff, if I buy/rent a movie I want a physical disc containing my movie.. not just an icon on a screeen.

    Well ...I'm a Telstra Bigpond customer in the Wollongong area. I have used Foxtel on 360 a few times now and have to say:

    1. The fact there is no lock in contract and you can pay month-by-month is awesome. For example - I only had to pay for the month or two when the Asian Cup was going on to watch those matches.

    2. It's always been unmetered for me. Guess this just makes it official.

    3. The "high quality" stream, despite not being HD, is still quite good.

    One important point to note:

    The channels available on a regular Foxtel subscription are NOT the same that are available on Foxtel on 360.

    Lol I didn't understand a word of that XD

    Here we go again all good news for xbox360 owners,
    who live in the metroplian areas.
    Substanded in the country again

    I'd only get the FOX Sport if I can watch the Rugby World Cup. Does Fox Sport through Telstra T-Box, cover FOX Sport 1,2,3,?...or is it just Sports News?

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