From Dust Continues to Dazzle

From Dust continues to intrigue, yet we still haven't 100% grasped precisely how the game will end up playing. although it's undoubtedly a God game in the tradition of Populous and Black and White, the scale and art of the game is dazzling. The new vids, unearthed by Joystiq, seem to show a tiny bit of gameplay, but not enough for our liking!


    Yah, big impressive engine... but how does it WORK!? I wanna KNOW now... geez. Curious how they'll implement that style of game on a console.

      Engine? I got the feeling that was the game and it was akin to Black & White. I'm quite keen.

    If the PSN isn't back online when this is released I'll SPEW!! Any updates on that?

      Last I heard was that they were aiming for tomorrow. Here's hoping... I want my free games.

    Pretty much the only upcoming Ubisoft product I care about. Dude who made Another World = INTEREST.

    It certainly looks fun and interesting, but I will remain skeptical. A lot of games release little bits and pieces of information and it all seems really good so we go and fill in everything we don't know with what we want, and in the end the game comes up short of our preconceptions. There are also those that try something new and interesting, and though celebrated for it, do falter a little on execution (Mirror's Edge).

    This game does make me miss Black and White though

    Can't wait. Populous 3 was great.

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