Further Evidence For Bungie’s ‘Destiny’

Further Evidence For Bungie’s ‘Destiny’

A couple of months back, we broke the story of ‘Destiny’, the game reported to be the new IP Bungie is working on for Activision. Now, as reported by Bungie fansite HBO, new evidence has surfaced supporting that claim.

Doing some fantastic detective work, HBO followed a paper trail on a company called Podophobia Entertainment, a company formed by Bungie’s Harold Ryan – a trademark search under that company unearthed a trademark for ‘Destiny’.

Under the ‘goods and services’ section, the trademark refers to Destiny as being…

Computer game software; Computer game software downloadable from a global computer network; Video game software; Virtual reality game software.

It seems more and more likely that ‘Destiny’ does exist and, considering the ex-contractor we spoke to originally was already aware of ‘Destiny’ in name, that may add legitimacy to his claim that the game is an MMO “set in space”.

HBO’s search also unearthed what looks like a logo, which you can view above.

New discovery supports old rumor [HBO]

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    • For the record, I don’t think anybody doubted the information the contractor gave about Bungie’s project. They only doubted that he was unfairly let go by Bungie. Bungie themselves never denied anything about the information he leaked.

        • Bungie generally doesn’t release info about their games until they’re ready – they weren’t ready then and I doubt they’re ready now since they’re not going to be at E3 (in any official capacity, anyway – i’m sure some of the guys intend to attend).

          As fro the info about the contractors, well… they’re contractors. There’s comments about ‘performance’ which the contractor who leaked this info says were false. We only have his word for that. Bungie is trying to hire more people, not fire them. You’d think they’d have a good reason for terminating anyone.

  • It certainly corresponds with Kotick’s plans for an MMOFPS as well, though people tended to assume that he’d want such a game under the Call of Duty name.

    I think rather than disbelief it was more denial that prevented people from accepting Detiny was likely to be an MMO – I note of course that there’s no evidence here which supports the MMO part of the theory, but that’s just nitpicking. All of the rumoured details are more likely to be true rather than just some, given the original source.

    Speaking of, wasn’t most of the controversy back then with regards to rumours of Bungie’s alleged treatment of contractors and assertions that they were abruptly terminated due to pressure from Activision, which as yet remain unsubstantiated?

  • That logo looks like a stylised representation of underpants. If that’s the case, then it looks like Mark will have no interest in this game.

  • It certainly looks like the minimalist but creepy alien type designs that Bungie likes to favour in their games. But by definition they’re also really easy to fake.

    It’s entirely possible Bungie are intentionally leaking this information in the most cryptic way possible. We know from I Love Bees that they’re not above making things difficult (although I know they didn’t put together the actual ARG) and as a company they’re big fans of the prank.

    That and the fact they’re quite good at keeping work in progress under wraps and I’d be inclinded to believe this is all smoke and mirrors. Correct me but wasn’t Reach pretty much unknown prior to it’s announcement, except for an Xbox rep letting slip there was a Halo game announcement coming up (or was that ODST?).

  • You know, if you search for other trademarks under Podophobia Entertainment you also get “Be Brave” which was registered alongside Destiny – in July 2009.

    This was right before ODST was released, and I’m sure I recall Bungie remarking that they were able to commit resources to their new IP once ODST was shipped, so the timeframe is certainly appropriate.

    Odd that Pdophobia Entertainment is no longer active. The date they went inactive? April 1st. Hmm.

  • Rush: “This is what Destiny intended, from the moment it entered the star system”
    Young: “That ship, is the best chance we have, of getting home”

    anyone else hopeing this is some secret SGU game?

  • well if any of you have played ODST then you should’ve at least seen the “DESTINY AWAITS” image on one of the city ad screens, it even has that logo on it;)

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