Game Dev Searches For Developer Girlfriend Online In Adorable, Probably Illegal Personal Ad

There's a game developer on the internet looking for love. And he's got the job to woo you.

Going as "single_white_dev", his profile post starts innocuously enough, but it takes a slightly hairy turn in the second paragraph:

I'm a Sr. Game Designer at a TOTALLY RAD studio working on an MMO (you know, like World of Warcraft, but not).

You are a rock-star artist or engineer** who is looking to date a really good guy (who is genuine, fun, and stable) and ALSO looking a job in the MMO/Gaming industry!

Yeah, so plying people with jobs as an incentive to date isn't that big of a deal to, but I'm fairly certain most employers-and governments, for that matter-frown on dating being part of the hiring process.

But maybe I've just misread his intention:

(** - If you're not an artist or engineer, that's cool, you can still apply to be my girlfriend, but the chances of you working at my company probably aren't as good.)

That's right, I'm single and my company wants artists and engineers. I've decided to be all efficient and do this two-birds, one-stone style!

It's a lovely dream! And like the best dreams, a lawsuit waiting to happen. Still, I wish you all the best, single_white_dev. You'll find an dorky, unlitigious women out there someday.

single_white_dev profile []


    Rules of the game industry, if you're going to date inter-industry, don't work at the same studio, the possibility of both being fired at the same time as a reward for completing a game is too high...

      Woops, intra-industry, bit of a mess I left there, where's edit?

      Artists are always the first ones to go, aah the joys of being a programmer who can do graphics aswell.

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