Game Developers Apparently Checking Out PSN Right Now!

A rumour for now, but apparently the PSN is up for game developers, but "a bit shaky at the moment". This would jive with Sony's "select group" testing. [NeoGAF]Thanks, Gerardo!]


    Wasn't there drama recently about people with hacked ps3 consoles using the dev servers for online play?

    It would be quite ironic if those who had hacked their console could play on PSN before regular users.

      As much of a deliciously ironic spin that would be. I'm sure Sony has patched any methods used by 'hackers' to use the dev's PSN for online games.

      Looking forward to PSN being back, with that said. It really opened my eyes to Xbox Live as well. :)

      Now I don't know what I prefer.

      Yeah...pretty sure this whole thing has been to stop that. Chances are they developed an entirely new "developer" channel

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