Gaming’s Most Beautiful Transgender Gamer Releasing Semi-Nude Photo Book

Gaming’s Most Beautiful Transgender Gamer Releasing Semi-Nude Photo Book

Kayo Satoh, aka “Kayo Police”, is one of Japan’s most talented Street Fighter players. She’s also a popular fashion model. But she wasn’t always a she.

Satoh was born a male, something she finally revealed last fall on Japanese TV program Majotachi no 22ji (“Witches’ 10pm”). For years, Satoh appeared in women’s fashion magazines with none of her fellow models or magazine editors knowing that she had been born a man.

The young model came out to her magazine editors and finally made her sex known. She called this a “new start”.

On the program, Satoh revealed that she was prompted to go public after rumours began circulating online that she was a man. “Truthfully,” Satoh said, “I am a man.”


On the cover, Satoh says she’s happy she was born. This June, Satoh is releasing her first photobook, titled Re-born. (Full disclosure: it is being published by Kodansha, who publishes my books.) In Re-born, Satoh talks about ditching school as a kid, her attempted suicide, living her life in secret. The book promises to be frank, open and honest. Likewise, the photos are supposed to be Satoh’s most revealing ever (samples in link below).

According to Satoh, she began injecting herself with hormones from 15 years-old, something she continues, and besides her injections, she hasn’t undergone any surgery. Her blog lists her sex as “female”, but in Re-born, she prefers “human”.

When not appearing in fashion magazines or on television, she’s still playing Street Fighter, kicking the crap out of Japan’s best SF players.

男かよ女かよ…女で生きる佐藤かよ [ via news109]

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    • In Japan alot of people access the internet on their mobile phones, why complicate it.

      Also I don’t see much wrong with the design and I’m a graphic designer, it clean and simple which is expected for a news site(although is the topic really newsworthy.)


      By the way, clicking on the link out of curiosity makes both you and me gay (or at least Bi-curious.)

  • imagine all the teenage boys that would be disgusted by what they’ve done with an image of him/her 😀

  • as disturbing as this is… i’d still hit that too. although, you’d expect it to be like a train wreck downstairs. lmfao.
    reminds me of Kim Petras. the hot German chick that “was” Tim.
    i would seriously love to see what it looks like hey.

  • Good lord. So… very… conflicted.

    I imagine if any straight male were to successfully engage with that, they would probably be in the corner the next day, hugging their knees sobbing, unshaven, while dragging on a ruined cigar trying to convince themselves “it was worth it”.

    All the while wondering… “Oh God, why?”

  • Not a single ‘good on you’ for her? Really? See, THIS is why I can never tell people I’m supposed to be a girl.

    • Well, I was thinking “good on her”, but I guess I’ll post it too. I can’t imagine what she went through before accepting herself for who she is. Then she publicly “comes out” to her fans… All in all, that would require an immense amount of courage and strength of character. Definitely someone to admire. So, good for her. 🙂

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