Group Claims To Be Attacking Sony, Stealing Data. Again.

Group Claims To Be Attacking Sony, Stealing Data. Again.

Over the past few days, broadcaster PBS has been the target of a concerted series of attacks on its online presence. Those hackers now claim they’ve moved onto targeting Sony.

A tweet issued by the group, going by the name LulzSec, says “Hey @Sony, you know we’re making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven’t even noticed? Slow and steady, guys.”

Interesting. The highpoint of the hacks on PBS was a news story saying dead rapper Tupac Shakur was alive and well. In New Zealand.

Here’s hoping that instead of another round of PSN downtime and the theft of innocent user data, this one ends with Tupac hosting the next series of The Tester.

The Lulz Boat [Twitter]


    • Please explain why this is funny. Even if it’s not true it’s not particularly funny. And if it is true then the fucking losers should be mercilessly hunted and prosecuted.

      • It is funny because a huge MNC like Sony has either not invested enough in securing their systems or have done it poorly. Attacks like these should keep companies that store our personal information on their toes. Before someone with malicious intentions steals it themselves.

        (By malicious i mean someone not doing it for the lulz, but for identity fraud, et al)

  • All they’re missing is a lolcat. “We’re in ur networkz stealing ur internal stuffz”

    Seriously… all somebody has to do to get publicity these days is SAY that they’re hacking Sony?

  • Shall sony bend over now or a bit later because really they are about to get fucked lmao

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