Guardian Heroes For XBLA Looks Awful, But Don't Lose Hope!

Sega announced earlier today that it would bring Sega Saturn great Guardian Heroes to Xbox Live Arcade. Awesome, right? Everyone loves a Treasure game! Not awesome? First screen shots of the XBLA port of Guardian Heroes.

The game's "all-new graphics and visual effects" are rather hard on the eyes, probably explaining why the news went out with a press release and concept art. Sega's filtering the Saturn's sprite-based graphics for something that's less blocky, but ultimately less attractive.

Now, the silver lining. According to Sega reps commenting on the official Sega blog, that graphical filter is completely optional. Hopefully that means we can play Guardian Heroes with properly scaled sprites if we choose to do so.

Still, if you find nothing wrong with the look of this Guardian Heroes port, carry on through the gallery above.


    No comparisons?

    Looks fun, I remember seeing this in a cash converters years ago and wanting it, never wasted my cash on a Shaturn though.

    I think it looks ok. You probably wouldn't even notice much when it's in motion.

    But if it's optional, who cares? It's an awesome game.

    Um yeah this looks horrible. GH was a fluid game that was masterfully animated for its time. This is akin to tinkering with the graphics in SFIII, which though blocky are some of the most fluid and beautiful of any game. Oh yeah they're doing that too aren't they?

      No, they are not, dipsh♥t.

    Anyone from Australia want to play Guardian Heroes on XBox Live this weekend? It's free Gold weekend, so good time to get some hours in! ^_^
    My gamerhandle: MarcoTheNadal

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