Guild Wars 2, Your Art Is Just Beautiful

I usually don't play MMOs. Never played Guild Wars, may never play its upcoming sequel either. But boy, I could look at this concept art for Guild Wars 2 all day long.

These are all the work of artist Levi Hopkins, who has been toiling away on the series and its various campaigns for a while now, having worked various jobs like Prototype Lead, Environment Art Lead and 3d Artist.

I love these because they're fresh for a game with a fantasy setting. Too often anything involving magic and swords tends to get bogged down in the baggage of the genre, too reliant on the stereotypes and clichés that have come before them. Green fields, stone castles, pointy ears, you know the drill.

But this stuff has a bit more cleanliness to it, an almost sci-fi quality. Which looks great. You can check out more of Levi's art at his personal site, linked below.

[The Art of Levi Hopkins] [thanks Conceptartworld!]


    Beta Beta Beta Beta!

    The concept art from the Guild Wars series has always been a pleasure to look at.

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