Harry Potter On The Genesis Looks Awesome

There is of course no such thing as a Harry Potter game on the Sega Genesis. The series came about far too late for Sega's old console. If you thought that would stop Chinese pirates, though, you don't know Chinese pirates too well.

These are the same people who can put Final Fantasy VII on the Famicom. So they can put Harry Potter on the Genesis.

The game we've ended up with, which is a Frankenstein's monster of textures and sprites from other titles, has a character that kind of looks like Harry Potter. And that's about as close as it gets to the source material. I mean, watch until 2:13 and you'll hear Street Fighter II's theme kick in.

This looks like a nightmare to play, but as an exercise in bootlegging, it's admirable stuff.

[via GameSniped]



      Could not put it better myself...

      That desert town reminded me of Diablo II.

    At 2.10, Harry journeys into Agrabah.

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