Hawaiian Shirts Covered With Anime Girls

Understated Aloha shirts are for classy island residents. Gaudy ones for the tourists. But Hawaiian shirts covered in anime girls?

Those are for Japanese otaku. Japan's Cospa, seller of otaku costumes and threads, is ready to dress you in K-On!, My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute and Twin Angel 2 Ahola shirts.

The threads are a hundred percent rayon with wood buttons and priced at ¥7350 ($90) each. Just because you can pull off a Hawaiian shirt, doesn't mean you can pull one off with anime chicks. But you can damn well try.

2011年05月07日 土曜日 [AkibaOS]


    A funny idea but I wouldn't be caught alive in one and if somebody tries to redress my corpse in one their in for some serious phsyco poltergeist style haunting.

    On the otherhand it might be fun to see how long it is before anybody notices whats really on your shirt.

    The only reason I'd ever wear one of these is to see how long it takes for people to notice that something's off with my shirt.

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