Hello Robot Girls

RAcaseal, the female android from Sega's Phantasy Star Online, is getting memorialized in plastic.

Famed Japanese figure maker Kotobukiya is releasing a 1/12 scale pre-painted RAcaseal kit that comes with two sabers, a shotgun and a pair of extra hands.

The pink version is ¥3675 (US$45), while the sky blue one is a limited edition version for the Wonder Festival.

Check out more pics in the gallery, courtesy of Moeyo.com and Kotobukiya.

肌色成分追加。 コトブキヤのワンフェス2011夏限定「レイキャシール:スカイブルー Ver.APSY」のサンプル [Moeyo.com]


    Very nice fig.

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