HOLD IT! Ace Attorney Movie Confirmed By Capcom!

OBJECTION! Earlier Kotaku reported on rumours that an Ace Attorney movie was in development, to be helmed by celebrated Japanese director Takashi Miike... But, HOLD IT! Those rumours have now been confirmed as fact, by Capcom themselves.

Over at Capcom-Unity, the following details were announced.

In the movie, the main protagonist, Phoenix Wright, will be played by Mr. Hiroki Narimiya, while rival prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, will be played by Mr. Takumi Saito. Pheonix's assistant and spirit medium Maya Fey will be played by Ms. Mirei Kiritani. Mr. Takashi Miike of “Crows Zero” and “Thirteen Assassins” fame will be lending his directorial talents to the film. Production management will be handled by Nippon Television Network Corporation and distribution will be handled by Toho Co., Ltd. The movie is scheduled to be released in early Spring 2012 at all Toho Cinemas nation-wide.

Our usual policy would be to expect the least from video game to movie adaptations but... NOT SO FAST! Takashi Miike is an accomplished Director behind plenty of incredible movies - Audition being my personal favourite - so I'm actually pretty excited to see what comes of the project. Miike also has a history of adapting for the screen - Ichi the Killer, for example, was adapted from a manga series - so he's well versed in the art of taking one person's vision from one medium to another.

This could be worth watching.


(Okay, we'll stop now...)


    Looking forward to this!

    I wonder who ill be that dumb shit Judge. He made me shake my head more than a few times..

      They better have the same judge for every single case in the movie or I'll rage.

    This is nuts, I'm looking forwards to it. Can't believe the guy who directed Audition is directing this! lol.

    The music from the first game better make it in the movie in some shape or form.

    this will be interesting :D
    hopefully they can keep it funny :D

    Takashi Miike?

    So the crime scenes will consist of stomach-churning carnage then?

    Should be good! :D I watched Audition back when it was first released, I really need to get a copy on DVD.

    This is cool and all but what they REALLY need to do is localise AAI2!!!!!!

    Yes make this movie, but also translate the 2nd Edgeworth game as well.

    I remember hearing rumors of an anime, which I would still enjoy greatly, but this is great, too.
    I wonder if Maya, or Pearls, will still channel Mia if it's live action...

      hmm yeah. Pearls channeling Mia in real life might be a little too out there

      only just realising how crazy that game series was

    Yeah for sure this should be one to keep an eye on. Miike is an amazing director.

    I played Yakuza 4 just so I could gaze dripply at Narimiya Hiroki! Now I'll have to feign some sort of interest in Ace Attorney.

    YES! The Ace Attorney series is my favourite out of the DS games.

    now are they gonna just do the first case? or a few of them? or maybe make a completely different one up?

    very interested!

    This guy should direct Onimusha movie for Capcom and other Japanese companies and the screenplay written by Japanese screenwriter.
    Thank you.

    I think I just came. My inner fangirl just exploded.

    Even though I'm in America, I'm still excited for this.

    It's my birthday today. This has got to be one of the greatest presents I HAVE EVER GOTTEN. *flails excitedly*

    YEEESSSS! i've been waiting for this to happen! i love Ace Attorney! i'm still trying to picture Maya channeling Mia in real life. haven't gotten around to Pearls yet though. i'll be sure to keep my eye on this. *fangirl squeal*

    GOD! I am SO EXCITED for this movie! As soon as I saw the link in one of the fan clubs for Ace Attorney, I just COULDN'T stop thinking about it! So far I think the cast that they've picked out is really good! Like, how Takumi Saito would make a reaaallly good Miles Edgeworth!

    well, it'll be awesome but I reckon they should have an American (white American)fitting the role for Pheonix....now, I know there will be haters, However, if you actually PLAYED the game, it heavily implied that he was American. although, even if the Actor is Japanese he does look very close to the part.
    Maya's perfected, keep that actress defiantly

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