HOLD IT! Ace Attorney Movie Confirmed By Capcom!

OBJECTION! Earlier Kotaku reported on rumours that an Ace Attorney movie was in development, to be helmed by celebrated Japanese director Takashi Miike… But, HOLD IT! Those rumours have now been confirmed as fact, by Capcom themselves.

Over at Capcom-Unity, the following details were announced.

In the movie, the main protagonist, Phoenix Wright, will be played by Mr. Hiroki Narimiya, while rival prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, will be played by Mr. Takumi Saito. Pheonix’s assistant and spirit medium Maya Fey will be played by Ms. Mirei Kiritani. Mr. Takashi Miike of “Crows Zero” and “Thirteen Assassins” fame will be lending his directorial talents to the film. Production management will be handled by Nippon Television Network Corporation and distribution will be handled by Toho Co., Ltd. The movie is scheduled to be released in early Spring 2012 at all Toho Cinemas nation-wide.

Our usual policy would be to expect the least from video game to movie adaptations but… NOT SO FAST! Takashi Miike is an accomplished Director behind plenty of incredible movies – Audition being my personal favourite – so I’m actually pretty excited to see what comes of the project. Miike also has a history of adapting for the screen – Ichi the Killer, for example, was adapted from a manga series – so he’s well versed in the art of taking one person’s vision from one medium to another.

This could be worth watching.


(Okay, we’ll stop now…)


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