Holy Shit, Somebody Is Remaking Maniac Mansion

Holy Shit, Somebody Is Remaking Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion, if you don’t know, is a classic adventure game from Lucasarts (then known as Lucasfilm) that spawned en entire generation of titles like its sequel Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max and Fate of Atlantis. And now it’s getting a remake!

A group of devoted German fans calling themselves “Edison Interactive” (cute touch) are rebuilding the game from the ground up, substituting the somewhat crude graphics of the 1987 original with the far more endearing visual style of 1993’s Day of the Tentacle.

When finished (and they’re making great progress), the game will be distributed for free, which along with a name change to “Night of the Meteor” will surely help evade lawyers too busy chasing Star Wars fans to bother about an old graphical adventure.

Night of the Meteor [Site, via IndieGames]


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