How Crazy Do You Like Your Shadows Of The Damned Screens?

Shadows of the Damned creator Grasshopper Manufacture has never been known as a run of the mill video game developer, but the team's next game, the spicy adventure to Hell due in June, may be its oddest-looking yet.

EA tossed a handful of new Shadows of the Damned screens our way today, starting with the kooky, six-eyed Fleming - one of the game's chief antagonists. Click through for a fresh look at Shadows of the Damned, coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next month.


    Lol what's with the crotch shots?

    and has this been classified yet? If not image 2 gives a strong feeling of it being censored, as presumeably the OFLC don't take nicely to scenes depicting suicide?

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