How To Kill A Pedestrian In L.A. Noire

The citizens of Los Angeles, as rendered in Team Bondi and Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire are fleet of fun. It is hard to run them down, as we've made clear in video before. But it can be done.

I had thought, originally, that L.A. Noire's pedestrians were unkillable, that their reflexive repulsion from the approaching fender of detective Cole Phelps was a game programmer's trick to reinforce their main character's attraction to only good deeds. That trick had been presented, I thought, at the expense of a devilish pleasure offered in Grand Theft Auto games. Those games allow a player to make roadways and sidewalks bowling alleys for automobiles (I expect that any right-minded person who would never use a car criminally in real-life would, without instruction, commit some amount of driving mayhem if given a controller and a copy of GTA.)

It turns out that the nimble are not the invincible. You can't easily run over pedestrians in L.A. Noire. You are discouraged, fined and reprimanded for doing so (read: you get a lower score in the game). But you can run them down. The physics of the game will reinforce Cole Phelps' moral disposition only so much. A determined player can over-ride them, like a person holding similarly polarised magnets, finally pushing their ends together.

Watch the video here to see how to make Phelps do wrong.


    Instructions for killing someone when it's not even a part of the gameplay? You can tell Totilo doesn't live in Australia or he'd think twice before going out of his way to do a story on how to murder someone in a game.

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      I think there's a bunch of reviewers out there in the interwebs that seem to have the opionion that LA Noire is GTA as a cop (in the 1940's). Or at least they worry that we are not intelligent enough to see the difference and fear alienating their readers.

      Grow up Totilo, enjoy the game as one of the good guys who wants to see the world a better place. That's a better place for you too mate, appreciate it.

      Because Australians never murder people, right?

    This actually makes me realise a little more why 'moral' people would so dislike GTA.

    It isn't just the fact that you could break the law and do horrible things, or even that some iterations rewarded it. It's the fact that people want to.

    If you give people a large and somewhat realistic simulation world, then the majority of us degenerate into wild abandon and do the crazy things we might have thought about in real life, but would never really do. Completely untamed violence, the drive for which is in every human being but most of us will never listen to.

    LA Noire has no reward for hurting civilians, it actually has negative effects, and yet if you put people in a real enough open world, then that is what many of them inevidably want to do. They would rather try and harm and cause chaos, than be the good guy. I think it is the knowledge of this, that every person has these desires, that perturbs people.

      I think the more logical conclusion is that the game prohibits you from doing it, that's why everyone is trying to.

    Figured it out a long time ago :P

    Dudes above need to lighten up, you can play the game however you want. Its is a game after all. I figured it out when I was actually going for an achievement that requires you to get a certain amount of damage to vehicles/people/property

    I fell 8000 feet onto a pile of jagged rocks. But people were tougher in those days. I was jitterbugging that very night! -Grandpa Simpson

    I killed a woman by pushing her around and making her fall under a tire of a stopped car.

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